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zRID Remote Isolation Device - Welding Safety & Control

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We are the National Distributor for the zRID Remote Isolation Device range of products. A revolution in welding safety and control.

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The zRID uses Power or Isolation switching for machine control. Switch-controlled power sources have an advantage with a clean, fast operating characteristic that eliminates all voltage at the electrode when not welding. By using a manual ON, automatic OFF, the zRID combines the best of pre-existing hazard devices that operate on the principle of suppressing the open circuit voltage (OCV) to a safe value.

A trigger allows positive control with full OCV at the electrode on initiation to ensure a positive weld strike, the zRID then operates as automated isolation protection with the assurance that on breaking the weld, the electrode is instantly zero-volts and cannot re-strike till reinitiated via the trigger. The zRID operates on a true Deadman switch principle of Fail-to-Safe, Fail-to-Zero Volts.

Hazard Control

Welding uses hazardous voltages and high currents to melt metal as an industrial process. These voltages create a hazardous situation for the welder particularly on weld completion when the OCV (full or reduced) makes electrode holder placement critical. Machines fitted with the zRID have the welding circuit de-energized. The zRID acts to make the machine weld so it's NOT working when you're not working.

zRID's unique control and zero-volt OCV feature, reduces the electric shock hazard when changing electrodes, removes hard-wired switching and control cables as well as uncontrolled arc activation. zRID is unsurpassed in achieving a safe working condition especially in confined spaces and wet operations in an electrically hazardous environment


zRID devices, do not dictate the value or produce any full open circuit voltage (OCV), but are designed to switch off existing OCV on manufacturer welders and give a limited time exposure to OCV like Residential Current Devices (RCD) in power circuits.


The ZRID transmitter does not have to be continuously pressed (compared with traditional mechanical triggers) once an arc has been initiated therefore reducing or eliminating a common condition called "Repetitive Strain Injury" (R.S.I).

We also provide a install & test service where our qualified technicians will install & test the zRID on your welding machines.