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1000 litre Pallet Drums and Tanker Containers | IBC Ecobulk

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IBC Bulky Box 1000 litre Pallet Drums and Tanker Containers, either wood, plastic or metal pallet-based, we also distribute new Stainless Steel and Plastic Drums, Reconditioned Steel and Polyethylene Drums.

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IBC ECOBULK MX 1000 litre (275 gallons) Pallet Drums Bulky Box Containers (pictured on left):

  • For the transport of liquids to a maximum density of 1.9.
  • Static stacking load four high and two high for transport.
  • Inner container: Blow-moulded high density polyethylene.
  • On request SMP (fluorinated), treated to avoid permeation of non-polar filling goods, at additional cost.
  • Outer container: Galvanised and welded steel grid with identification plate.
  • Pallet: Steel bottom-plate. Four-way wood, steel or plastic pallet.
  • Filling opening: DN 150 with screw cap, on request also DN 225.
  • Discharge opening: Integrated butterfly valve DN 50 or DN 80, DN 150 or ball valve DN 50.
  • Comes Standard with Plastic base


IBC Replacement Lids Also Available

Replacement 150mm Lids that suit Schutz IBC's  

3017921 Closed Red for DG Containers with TPE GASKET
3014861 Red Plug with Vent /Seal Cap G2 PLug with Vent/Seal Cap/TPE Gasket
3017930 with Automatic Breather Red TPE Gasket with NBR Membrane
3017935 Closed Green for Food Grade Containers with TPE GASKET
3017940 Green with vent Food Grade Containers G2 PLug with Vent/Seal Cap/TPE Gasket/Plug Gasket EPDM


ECODRUM 120 litre Open-Head Drum or 220 litre Tight-Head Drum (Pictured on Right) 

These plastic drums are available in a 120 litre Open-Head Drum or 220 litre  sizes and have many key features such as:

  • Higher stress crack resistance
  • Higher chemical resistance
  • Increased stacking stability
  • Increased safety features ie. upper ring design increases bung protection during transport and handling
  • Easier removal of residual contents (<100 ml).

Tight-Head Drum 220 Litre Ecodrum

The ECODRUMS offer optimum processing for users. Their advancement in performance over comparable models is primarily due to the use of the new multimodal polyethylene Histif 5431Z, by Basell. has been in cooperation with Basell to develop this new technology and has been produced by the innovative Advanced Cascade Process Technology.

Ecodrum drum

Our regular Clientele consists of:

  1. Chemical plants
  2. Pharmaceutical companies
  3. Paint manufacturing plants 
  4. Oil and lubricant companies

Specialising in quality control and expertise in transporting and removing substances within tanks and drums. All recycling procedures are carried out in strict accordance with safety standard guidelines. We ensure all the proper handling & supply of high quality container equipment for the safe storage and transport of goods.

We are strongly committed to the highest standard of Professional Services when it comes to environmental safeguards and Public Safety. We ensure that we comply with all Environment Protection Authority (EPA) provisions and regulations of the NSW Dangerous Goods Act, along with Sydney Water, Local Government Authority requirements.

Licences and Permits currently held by these drums:

Sydney Water - Trade Waste Agreement - Permit No: 28551
Dangerous Goods - Premises Licence - Licence No: 35/035999
Dangerous Goods - Transport / Bulk Vehicle Licence - Licence No: EPA10851
Environment Protection Authority - Licence For Premises Licence No: 11963
Environment Protection Authority - Transport Licence Licence No: 10640

FDA Food Grade Approved


Spill Control Funnels - Polyethylene

Large diameter Funnels provide a simple cost effective way to collect liquids and keep drum tops clean.

Gator Polyethylene Spill Control Funnels fit all closed head 30- and 55-gallon drums. Low profile, wide diameter opening offers large "target" for quick, easy pouring. Scalloped, sloping design minimises splash and prevents containers from resting in their own liquids. Large flat well at the throat of funnel allows for passive draining of paint cans, filters, buckets and other containers. Molded-in hook makes a convenient way to store optional funnel cover.


Funnel for Flammables includes a drum fill vent with 6" perforated brass flame arrester. Threaded bung cap seals in flammable vapors under normal storage conditions. In high temperatures, pressure relief valve opens to protect drum and prevent explosion. Flame arrester prevents fire flashback. It also offers vacuum relief by allowing hot contents to cool, protecting against drum collapse.


Justrite Gator Polyethylene Spill Control Funnels
28210 Funnel for nonflammables 53.3cm x 8.2cm
28211 Funnel for flammables 53.3cm x 8.2cm
28215 Cover for funnel 48.2cm x 3.1cm


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