6 reasons why the optimum extraction power is important

6 reasons why the optimum extraction power is important

The complete package of Speedy, Atmos Pure extraction unit and Ruby® enables Trotec customers to enter the world of "smart production". In addition to the familiar laser parameters such as laser power and speed, the material database in Ruby also contains the optimum extraction power for each material. Of course, this can also be entered manually for new materials.


Efficient Material Removal

The exhaust power helps in removing debris and smoke generated during the laser engraving process. If the exhaust power is too low, the debris may not be effectively removed, leading to poor engraving quality and potential damage to the material.


Air Quality and Safety

Laser engraving produces fumes and dust. A proper exhaust system with the correct power ensures that these byproducts are adequately removed, maintaining a safe working environment for operators.


Prevention of Fire Hazards

Laser engraving involves high temperatures and can create flammable materials like paper or wood dust. Adequate exhaust power helps in removing these combustible materials, reducing the risk of fire hazards.


Consistent Engraving Results

Different materials and engraving tasks may require varying levels of exhaust power. Using the correct power settings ensures consistent and precise engraving results. It helps prevent issues such as incomplete engraving, charred edges, or overburning.


Longevity of Equipment

A properly functioning exhaust system contributes to the longevity of the laser engraving equipment. Inadequate removal of debris can lead to the buildup of residue on the laser optics, reducing their effectiveness and necessitating more frequent maintenance or replacement.


Compliance with Regulations

In many places, there are regulations and standards regarding air quality and emissions in industrial processes. Using the correct exhaust power helps in complying with these regulations, avoiding potential legal issues and ensuring a responsible and environmentally friendly operation.


In summary, using the correct exhaust power in laser engraving is essential for achieving optimal results, maintaining a safe working environment, and ensuring the longevity of equipment. It also helps adhere to regulations and standards related to environmental and occupational safety.

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