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Bolting Solutions for Underground Coal Mining

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Joy Mining Machinery offer a complete line of mobile, onboard and portable bolting systems.

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Mobile bolting products are designed to increase the safety and efficiency of place change mining methods. These products range from compact pneumatic cable bolters to electro-hydraulic dual and multi-head bolters.

The JOY® Quadbolters and Multibolters are two of the most efficient bolters on the market.

Mobile Bolting Choices
Joy offers a wide variety of mobile products available with either percussive or rotary drilling units.

The multi-head bolters are known for their speed and reliability as well as their durability. The smaller bolters are known for their use of advanced materials, compact design and their costeffective solutions to roof and rib-bolting.

The Quadbolter is a high capacity “place change” roofbolter. It features four HFX bolting units. The HFX is a patented, semiautomatic, wear resistant bolter that minimizes maintenance and downtime. The Quadbolter is available in either wet or drydrill models and capable of operating in heights from 7.5 to 14.7 feet/2.3 to 4.5 m.

RamTrak 2300 Single or Dual Boom Roofbolter
The RamTrak 2300 series bolters are highly advanced rapid penetration machines configured for use by a single operator in “place change” operations. With working heights ranging from 5.9 to 11.4 feet/1.8 to 3.5 m, the RamTrak is capable of roof and rib-bolting. The compactness of these machines give them excellent maneuverability.

Joy cablebolters are available in various configurations that extend from pneumatic to electrohydraulic powered machines. They are available in models with working heights ranging from 5.9 to 11.4 feet/1.8 to 3.5 m. The compact designs of Joy cablebolters allow quick and efficient bolting
in numerous applications. The electro-hydraulic cablebolters have the ability to install bolts up to 49 feet/15 m long.

The Multibolter is one of the most innovative additions to Joy’s bolting products. It is a multiple drill-head, platform based, mobile bolter designed primarily for “place change” continuous miner applications.

The Multibolter is available in either wet drill or dry drill with a dust collection system. In addition to its primary function, the versatile Multibolter can be used for rockdusting, installing ventilation tubing and clearing coal with an optional dozer blade attachment.

Onboard Bolting Choices
Onboard bolting products are designed to maximize the advance rate of continuous miners and roadheaders through faster bolting cycle times. The hydraulic roof and rib-bolters are compact modular designs and are made virtually wear resistant.

HFX Roofbolter
The HFX telescopic roofbolter is designed to be a key component
in automated roofbolting systems. Mounted on continuous miners,
roadheaders, or other mobile equipment, it provides fast reliable roof
bolting. The automation system features analog sensors that reduce
clogs and jams of the drill steel by monitoring and adjusting the drilling rate.

HF Rib-bolter
The HF 15 hydraulic rib-bolter is one of the most compact rib-bolters on the market. It shares many features with the HFX roofbolter. This unit is designed to be mounted on each side of a continuous miner to compliment single-pass mining. The HF 15 is capable of completing the entire bolting process in a single setup to allow for maximum advance rate of the continuous miner.

Portable Bolting Choices
Portable bolting products consist of numerous portable drilling products, including the Wombat, ProRam and Mongoose series of bolters. All of these units use advanced materials to make them lightweight and tough. In addition to the roofbolting line, Joy Bolting Solutions include air and hydraulic props, as well as hand-held rib-bolters.

The Mongoose is the first hydraulic powered bolter to imitate the performance of a pneumatic bolter. The modular designed leg is constructed of a carbon/ epoxy aluminum composite that is lightweight and extremely strong. Internal porting of the Mongoose eliminates hoses and reduces downtime. The versatile Mongoose can be powered from the hydraulic systems of other equipment, an optional hydraulic power pack or longwall power take off.

The Wombat is a technically advanced pneumatic roofbolter. It is known worldwide as a tough, versatile workhorse for underground roofbolting applications.

The Wombat features the highest power to weight ratio of any pneumatic roofbolter. The glass/carbon composite leg provides a lightweight and extremely strong support and thrust member that can withstand the toughest duties.

The ProRam is a multipurpose drill rig and cablebolter designed for use in a harsh underground environment. The versatility of this equipment has resulted in its use in many applications. This dualthrough- spindle drill rig is constructed from a carbon/kevlar composite.

The WASP is a new generation lightweight hydraulic rib-bolter that is designed to reduce operator effort and improve ergonomics. The WASP features an exceptional weight to performance ratio, low operating costs, low noise, limited vibration and a handle that positions the operator’s hands and wrists for minimum stress.