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Longwall Mining Systems

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Joy offers a complete range of longwall equipment to suit the particular needs of various mining operations.

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Joy is globally recognized as a manufacturer of all the major elements for a complete longwall system. We provide our customers with a single, accountable source for shearers, roof supports, face conveyors, stageloaders, crushers, mobile belt tail pieces and pump stations.

Longwall Shearers
The advantages of this modular all-electric concept and the benefit of
eliminating complex hydraulic circuits from the underground environment, are well recognized by the mining industry.

JNA Control System
The Joy Network Architecture (JNA) control system enables operating parameters to be changed. Using the JNA memory cut, a complete cut sequence including gate-end cuts can be programmed into Joy’s operator friendly system. These higher levels of automation improve
machine efficiency and better control out-of-seam dilution from the roof and floor, resulting in cleaner coal and lower machine maintenance cost.

Cutting speed limits, drum and cowl positions and undercut depth can be reconfigured via a menu roll-down option or this can be programmed into the JNA.

Memory Cut
Joy has also advanced in the area of shearer steering technology by supplying a stateof-the-art "memory cut" system. The system permits the shearer operator to create an initial cutting profile or template under manual control, and the machine then automatically replicates
the profile on subsequent cuts until conditions change. The operator then updates the profile by manually cutting a new pass.

Roof Supports
JOY roof supports, for high capacity longwalls, are custom designed to meet exacting cycle and operating requirements.

Compak Valve System
The Compak Valve System has exceptionally high reliability. A solid brass body makes it corrosion proof and insures low maintenance costs.

Shearer Initiated Roof Support Advance
Joy offers the Shearer Initiated Roof Support Advance (SIRSA) option that can be supplied as either infra-red or spread spectrum data communication systems. Both systems operate by sending a signal from the shearer to the roof supports to activate a selected shield operating sequence.

Roof Support Electronics
In roof support electronics, the JOY RS20 represents state-of-the-art electro-hydraulic control systems.

The RS20 control system meets this criterion in the use of field tested
microprocessors and software developed through years of field experience. The flexible architecture used in the design of the RS20 also ensures expansion capability to meet future requirements. The benefits of the electro-hydraulic system are that the operators can work in areas of minimum dust and noise exposure, while the shields and armored face conveyor can operate close to the shearer which improves roof control.

Armored Face Conveyors
Joy manufacturers all the key elements for the armored face conveyor (AFC) including the head and tail frames, line pans, gear boxes, sprockets, couplings and shearer haulage systems.

Line Pans
Line pans are available in various designs to accommodate the full range of chains and flight bars. The side section provides flight bar guidance with minimum friction and gives strength to the line pan.

The single unit construction offers a self contained assembly: comprising a drive shaft, inboard bearings and sprocket rings with
automatic lubrication of a fully sealed unit. The pocket profile is enhanced to provide increased chain and sprocket life. The unit can be used on either end of the AFC, and is contained within the width of the
frames to minimize face-end re-routing. The cradle support provides a safe and simple means of assembly.

In-house design and development using the latest computer
modeling techniques, combined with many years of experience, have
created an extensive range of gearboxes that employ both the helical
and planetary designs.

Turbo Transmission Technology
The JOY Turbo Transmission Technology (TTT) drive system provides high torque starting capability for large AFCs.
This system is necessary for longwall installations operating in adverse mining conditions. In such conditions, trouble free repeat starting of the
AFC is essential to ensure continuity of production.

Shearer Haulage Systems
The AFC-shearer mechanical interface through the shearer haulage system is an important factor in optimizing shearer performance. A variety of haulage systems have been developed by Joy to cope with ever increasing haulage forces. Joy’s latest, the Ultratrac 1500 and Ultratrac 2000, are meeting the demands of Joy’s high production shearers.

JNA Headgate System
The Joy Network Achitechure (JNA) Headgate System is based on Joy’s latest evolution of electronic hardware and software architecture. This rugged electronic platform is designed to perform effectively in the harsh mining environments where Joy’s on-board control systems operate.

Key features of the system include enhanced equipment diagnostics, face equipment control and integration, underground data logging and a surface data communication link.

Stageloaders, Crushers, Mobile Belt Tail Pieces
The stageloader, crusher and belt tail-end components are vital for the efficient operation of the longwall system. To provide optimum performance and reliability, the entire unit is designed to match the operating parameters, roadway conditions and the characteristics of the mineral being mined.

JOY stageloaders are manufactured for excellent reliability with high availability by use of heavy duty components, including heavy pan side sections and high impact resistant flight bars.

Joy designs and manufacturers a complete range of stageloader crushers. These are designed for difficult conditions, and can efficiently crush lump coal and oversize rock for easier conveying and improved system productivity.

Mobile Belt Tail Pieces
Joy offers a complete range of mobile belt tail pieces, so that longwall retreat can take place without stopping the belt or interrupting the flow of coal from the longwall face.

Joy manufacturers various models of longwall belt tail pieces for low, medium or high seam applications. The variations include a “matilda” style unit as well as self-propelled crawler and skid mounted units.

Pump Stations
JOY mobile pump stations are available in a wide range of capacities. Depending on the application, these mobile stations can be hydraulic crawler, towable sled, rail car or rubber tire mounted. All JOY pump stations utilize the Hydromaster pump. This reliable and field proven
pump features electronic unloading, pressurized gear box lubrication and five-piston design for smooth operation. Pump stations can be configured with the required emulsion pumping storage capacity to suit any application.

- Crawler-Mounted Pump Station
- Wheel-Mounted Pump Station
- Skid-Mounted Pump Station