The Process Totaliser To Look Out For - Did You Know?

The Innovec Controls CO48 powered process totaliser is a programmable device that is designed to accept pulses from a range of sensors. These may include, open collector, hall effect or turbine meter.

Innovec's CO48 is a low cost, high performance solution to your application with EMC compliance and a variety of great features.

The CO48 Features:


  • High contrast 8 digit LED display
  • 10mm character height
  • Flow rate display


  • Touch switch programming of:
    • Display intensity 
    • Decimal position 
    • K factor 
    • Single setpoint
  • Memory retention for 10 years in power down
  • Contact bounce elimination circuitry


  • Panel mount enclosure
  • 96mm x 48mm x 110mm (LxWxH)
  • Panel cut out of 92mm long x 45mm wide

Power Supply

  • Universal VAC (47-63Hz) supply
  • Factory fitted 12-40 VDC @ 30mA isolated sensor supply
  • Pluggable screw terminal electrical connection
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