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Co & Trigeneration

Supplier: Origin Energy

Cogent Energy is a new breed of distributed energy company that provides an alternative and compelling energy solution to owners of large sites such as commercial buildings, shopping centres, hospitals, government complexes and industry.

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Generally speaking cogeneration can be effective at sites which have significant electricity and heating/cooling (thermal) demand beyond the peak hours of operation.

Cogeneration is the production of two forms of energy: heat and power, from one fuel. Trigeneration adds the third dimension of cooling from the same source via absorption chillers. A typical installation is a natural gas fuelled engine driving an electricity generator. The heat from the engine’s cooling jacket and exhaust is recovered and used to heat water or for other purposes. Connecting the system to absorption chillers, which produce chilled water from the recovered heat, provides cooling (for building air conditioning).

Compared to conventional coal-sourced grid energy, Cogent provides price competitive, more efficient, more reliable and environmentally beneficial energy using the latest cogeneration and absorption chilling technologies. Cogent build, own, operate and maintain an onsite cogeneration plant through a customer Energy Service Agreement.

The plant generates most of the sites electricity, hot water and chilled water needs at efficiencies of up to 80% and at prices competitive to an equivalent of 60% GreenPower grid energy rate (based on 2009 market rates).*

What are the benefits?

  • Efficiency:
    • Getting multiple forms of energy from one fuel can result in an efficiency gain of up to 80% versus the grid average and compared to 38% for the best coal fired power station*.
  • CO2 reduction:
    • Natural gas cogeneration produces up to 60% less CO21 than producing electricity from coal, for the same delivered energy.
  • Network demand reduction:
    • By generating on site, the cogeneration plant flattens electricity and natural gas network demand profiles which can reduce network charges in some situations.
  • Power security:
    • Co & tri generation can also be configured to provide emergency backup power for essential services such as lifts, computers and your plant’s vital services.

*www.cogentenergy.com.au; CO2 savings estimations are calculated based on information from the Australian Government’s National Greenhouse Accounts Factors (June 2009). Calculation methodology externally reviewed by PAE Holmes.