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Construction Scaffold Rescue & Evacuation Kit

Supplier: Abseilers United

Construction Scaffold Kit can be used in a variety of rescue scenarios within a scaffold environment. If the rescuer is unable to attach the Min-Evac 2P Hub by hand the kit includes a telescopic rescue pole which will allow the rescuer to attach the device from a position of safety.

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The kit is available with ANSI karabiner hooks and 11mm (0.43”) rope, conforming to all countries’ requirements.

Equipment Maintenance
Your rescue equipment needs to be maintained and kept in good working order. Uniline and many of its partners are able to provide maintenance and service of your rescue devices. The general rules for equipment servicing are as follows:

1 User 150kg/331lbs: 5000 descent metres/16404ft or at twelve month intervals
1 User 100kg/220lbs: 7500 descent metres/24606ft or at twelve month intervals
1 User 75kg/165lbs: 10,000 descent metres/32808ft or at twelve month intervals

If two persons descend simultaneously, a maximum of 320 descent metres/1050ft is permissible. As rescues come about as the result of unplanned events, immediate and effective response is required. Whilst you cannot predict what may happen when work at height is being carried out, you can plan to ensure your equipment is ready for use. This will reduce risks for the casualty and the rescuer.

Maintenance Free Storage Systems
As rescue products can be stored without use for long periods of time, Uniline can provide storage packaging that creates a moisture controlled atmosphere, thereby removing the need for annual inspection of a device that has not been used. The high quality packaging has an MVTR (Moisture Vapour Transmission Rate) of zero which is further controlled by the use of desiccants inside the bag. The product can be kept in the bag without the need for service, provided the bag is not opened and an annual visual inspection of a healthy humidity indicator is conducted. The bags have an easy access tear point for access in the event of an emergency.

Carrying out a rescue or self-evacuation from a dangerous situation is quite a responsibility. It is therefore imperative that such tasks should only be undertaken by trained and competent people. Uniline and its network of specialist distributors and service providers in more than 22 countries, are able to deliver full package solutions for people working at height, including in many cases provision of specialist access and rescue training in controlled environments.

Uniline also have many contacts for specialist training providers for highly complex and technical rescue, in areas such as power distribution and wind energy. Training teams can be mobilised to deliver training in many countries, where specialist training provision is not available.

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