Dropped objects at heights: state of the risk-a free ergodyne webinar

Supplier: Pryme Australia By: Pryme Australia
10 August, 2015

When the threat of dropped objects is part and parcel of conducting everyday jobs at your workplace, being prepared and risk-aware is essential to make your workplace a Drops Free Zone™.

Learn how to assess the risk of dropped objects and implement a safety at heights plan to keep your workers and your workplace safe with Ergodyne’s free webinar

Small objects such as PPE, portable communication equipment, materials, parts and tools can all become a potential falling hazard if proper controls are not in place. Even a 1kg spanner dropped from a height of 4 metres will hit the ground travelling at over 30km/hr. A small falling object can damage property or tools, increase lost time recovering or replacing tools, and in the worst cases causes injury or fatality. According to an industry supported ‘DROPS calculator’, a mass as little as 700 grams falling from a height of 15 metres has the potential to result in a fatality¹.

DROPPED OBJECTS AT HEIGHTS: STATE OF THE RISK – an Ergodyne Webinar will cover the following topics:

  • Objects at heights safety and how it is part of at heights safety planning
  • Costs of dropped objects and other objects at heights hazards
  • Best practice for objects at heights within the Hierarchy of Controls
  • New! Dropped/foreign object risks on lower levels

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The Ergodyne height safety products include a wide range of connectors, buckets, traps and lanyards to keep various small articles secured, and prevent them from falling. Ergodyne tool connectors use patented technology to help create secure connection points of almost any object, which can then be secured to a worker or stable anchor with a tool lanyard. Tool lanyards are third party tested and weight rated for objects weighing 0.9 kgs to 9kgs. Tool storage options like hoist buckets, magnetic trays and tool pouches cater to smaller loose objects like nuts, bolts and small parts.

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