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Dust Control | DAS™ High Pressure Mist Systems

Supplier: Dust-A-Side

DAS™ High Pressure Mist Systems have shown to be an effective method for dust suppression.

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When properly designed and installed the DAS™ High Pressure Mist System produces a high concentration of 10-microrn fog droplets. The size of the water droplets (10 millionths of a meter in diameter) provide optimum performance for attraction and suppression of PM 10 and smaller dust particles.

The DAS™ High Pressure Mist System can effectively remove breathable and fugitive dust.
Dust surrounded by dense fog has little chance to escape. Because of the high standard of quality and industry experience, the DAS™ High Pressure Mist Systems meets or exceeds the EPA PM 10 standards for dust suppression. Whether for construction sites with temporary air quality problems, or for permanent dust abatement concerns, the DAS™ High Pressure Mist Systems is a custom-designed system that effectively eliminates airborne emissions control issues.

All systems are custom-designed with corrosion resistant components. All pump modules are constructed from industrial grade components and are UL and CE rated. The modular design of the system allows for easy installation. The system includes completely programmable controllers with remotely located sensors.

Each portable dust misting system is specifically designed for each application and can include direct belt, belt drive, or variable frequency drive pump modules. Applications of the DAS™ High Pressure System include asbestos abatement; coal dust suppression, quarries and rock crushing equipment, grain silos, slag works, conveyor belt drop points, and construction and land development sites.