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Emrich's advice to acquiring new packaging machinery

Supplier: Emrich Packaging Machinery Pty Ltd
11 August, 2017

Steve Richardson from Emrich Packaging Machinery shares his advice on how businesses can adapt to new food technology and what needs to be considered when purchasing.

Can you tell us about Emrich?
We started in 1986 and we have got packaging machinery in the industry, predominantly the food industry, (probably about 90%). Our area of specialisation includes form fill seal, we have packaging machines which include vertical baggers for loose products, horizontal flow-wrapper styles for solid products, piece-count products and also packing equipment, these are some of our areas of specialisation.


How is Emrich helping businesses adapt to new technology?
We have engineers doing our installations, offering efficient services in every state and occasionally they go overseas to Papua New Guinea, Indonesia, or other locations. We help build engineering backup (you do not have to rely on our own principally), this is very important for your own production facility,  that you have backup when and where you need them.

What advice would you give businesses who have not adapted to new Food Processing Technology?
If the business is growing, it’s going to need automation (of some sorts) so it is really important that we find the right equipment for the customer to use - not everybody can buy a Rolls Royce to start off, so we try to get an equipment that can help people grow the business, sometimes we provide a rental system so they can rent equipment before they buy them and that helps a great deal. Our priority is that they get quality good products and we can help in that process.