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FARO Laser Scanner LS 880

Supplier: 3D Spatial (Lester Franks)

The FARO LS 880 Laser scanner is a super accurate laser scanner with a range of up to 80 metres and an accuracy of +/-3mm. Its scan rate of 120,000 measurements per second and its ability to capture a full 360 degree 3d view consisting of 28 million 3d measurements in as little as 4 minutes make it the ideal tool for as-built plant surveys where the window for collecting survey data may be

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Designed with user friendliness in mind the high performance of the scanner can be used with minimal training to capture 3D point cloud data.

Whether documenting a 50,000 square foot building or accurately capturing the scene of a crime the possible applications are almost unlimited. The scanner offers:

Photorealistic 3D images

The FARO Laser Scanner LS produces three dimensional black and white images where every pixel has an X,Y,Z coordinate.

For enhanced realism colour, through an upgrade option, can be added to the pixels. Measurements can be made directly in the point cloud and 3D objects can be generated, these can be used to create dimensionally accu- rate CAD models

High speed

In less than a minute the FARO Laser Scanner LS can take an 8 Mega pixel scan of the surrounding area. This is over 100 times faster than conventional scanners – this reduces the time needed for capturing data on site increasing the efficiency and profitability of the data capture.


The FARO Laser Scanner LS is constructed of exchangeable modules, the distance sen- sor, mirror module and PC module. Making the unit easy to maintain and adding the advantage that additional modules can be purchased to take the benefit of future developments such as a long range module or a high accuracy module.

This secures the investment and ensures that cutting edge technology remains affordable.

Proven technology

Many years of experience in the practical application of the technology can be seen in the design: The scanner is compact with sealed units, button push operation and can be geo-referenced making it suitable for daily operation in difficult environments.

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