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Flap Wheels

Supplier: Klingspor

Developed by KLINGSPOR over 40 years ago the flap wheel has found many practical and economical uses in surface finishing work.

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The KLINGSPOR flap wheel is comprised of high quality grinding flaps coated with aluminium oxide. The fan-shaped radial arrangement is firmly anchored by a resign core at the centre of the abrasive mop wheel.

The structure of the abrasive mop wheel provides for very soft, comfortable grinding behaviour and adapts optimally to the contours of the work piece.

KLINGSPOR flap wheels are especially suited for achieving a very smooth surface finish. KLINGSPOR has the perfect flap wheel to suit every surface, ranging from even to profiled surfaces, and is suited for nearly every material.

Product ranges available:

Range: SM611W 

  • Description: This flap wheel is equipped with a 25.4mm mounting bore hole and can be mounted to a machine without the use of a mounting plate. 
  • Application: Paint/Varnish/Filler, Wood, Plastic, Metals 
  • Grain: Aluminium oxide 
  • Characteristics: Even surface scratch pattern due to continuously fresh, unused abrasive grit. For universal use on all materials. Adapts optimally to workpiece contour. 
  • Sizes: 165x25mm, 300x50mm 
  • Grits: 40 to 120

Range: SM611H 

  • Description: The flap wheel with a wooden core is preferred for work on floor-stand grinders with cone shaped mounting spindles. It can be mounted directly on the machine spindle without the use of a mounting plate. Flap wheel SM611H is equipped with a 13mm bore hole. Making bore hole adjustments to fit the respective shaft diameter easy and quick - by simply drilling the appropriate bore hole diameter. 
  • Application: Paint/Varnish/Filler, Wood, Plastic, Metals 
  • Grain: Aluminium oxide 
  • Characteristics: Wooden core with mounting bore diameter for fast mounting. Can be used without mounting plate. Mounting bore can be enlarged easily. 
  • Sizes: 165x25x13mm, 165x50x13mm 
  • Grits: 40 to 240

Range: WSM617 

  • Description: WSM 617 is a second generation flap wheel with integrated M14 and 5/8" internal threads. This wheel can be mounted and demounted to an angle grinder without the use of any additional tools. 
  • Application: Steel, Stainless Steel, Paint, Plastic Wood 
  • Grain: Aluminium oxide 
  • Characteristics: Can be used on all standard angle grinders (80 m/s). For universal use; in front and side positions. Easy wheel changing by hand without additional tools. 
  • Sizes: 125x20mm 
  • Grits: 40 to 120

Range: FSR618 

  • Application: Metals, Wood, Paint/Varnish/Filler, Plastic 
  • Grain: Aluminium oxide 
  • Characteristics: Pleated flap wheel consisting of pleated aluminium oxide cloth flaps allows easy access to joints, grooves and slots. Very large immersion depth. 
  • Sizes: 165x14mm 
  • Grits: 80 to 240 Other grits and sizes available on request.

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