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Flow Indicators,Flow Monitors RVO/U

Supplier: Florite Australia

Operation of Flow Indicators,Flow Monitors RVO/U:

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The flow monitors operate on the principle of the float type flow indicator. The float contains permanent magnets.

The reed switch is contained in an adjustable switch housing external to the flow circuit. The flowing medium raises the float in the direction of flow.

As soon as the float with its permanent magnets reaches the contact position, the reeds close together. As the flow increases, the flow rises further range i.e. the contact remains closed thus ensuring bistable switching.

The top edge of the float serves to indicate the flowrate on the measuring glass scale.

Switch range of Flow Indicators,Flow Monitors RVO/U:

The switch ranges given below refer to the limits within which the switch point may be infinitely adjusted. The actual flow throughput can, depending on the flow velocity, be much greater.

Areas of application of Flow Indicators,Flow Monitors RVO/U:

Monitoring of cooling circuits in welding machines, compressors, heat exchangers and centrifuges.Monitoring of sealing media for seals and pump dry running, motor cooling systems etc.