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Foam Fabrication & Heavy Duty Shipping Packs | Sei Pak

Supplier: Sei Pak

As one of the main foam fabrication and heavy duty shipping packs, Sei Pak has the learning, knowledge, and innovation to fulfill your most difficult foam segment, bundling and packaging needs.

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  • Wide range: They supply a wide range of foam packaging and Die-slice foam profiles to your specifications, giving best security and visual impact for your items.
  • Multiple Size: Many grades of foam container are available to match your requirement, including handcrafted Road Cases to ATA Specification 300 standard.
  • Added Protection: Heavy duty corrugated boxes are intended for protection of vast and heavy items when delivering abroad.
  • High Performance: Heavy-duty boxes are more resistant to physical harm and stack failure.
  • Health & Safety: Handles can be applied to heavier packs for convenience.


  • Unique shape: Die cut foam fits your items flawlessly. This exact fit helps in easier transportation even during heavy handling. Such packaging can likewise fit numerous items into a single piece of die cut material sparing space, material and eventually cost.
  • Resilience: Foam has magnificent shock absorption qualities. Delicate things, once kept in foam packaging become safe from vibrations and bumps.
  • Low weight: Foam is lightweight and will keep your packaging weight low as well, which means your conveyance costs will not be affected a lot by the heaviness of packing materials.
  • Protective: Foam gives incredible pressure circulation to delicate items that require additional consideration when taken care of and can keep these things consistent and adjusted amid conveyance. Foam is additionally water-safe and has thermal protection qualities that guarantee things stay at predictable temperatures and don't succumb to the impacts of warmth or cold.