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Gun Drills and Reamers | Miroku Machine Tool, Inc.

Supplier: Miroku Machine Tool, Inc.

Miroku offers a series of renowned, high quality gun drills and reamers.

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Miroku, as a Total Gun Drill system provider, we manufacture the entire line up of machines, tooling and offer contract job shop support. With the technology and knowledge achieved from gun making, we provide a wide range of customers requirement.

Gun Drills for Special Purpose Gun Drill Machines

All products are manufactured after reception of order and each orders are individually engin eered based on the machine and the conditions used for that application. After a thorough selection of the material, a shank is processed through a special heat treatm ent, the carbide tip material is selected and coating procedure can be done.

We also have a VR Gun Drill for high feed application and the Double Crimp style gun drills. For small hole diameter application, we have a solid type for stronger rigidity.

Gun Drills for General Purpose Gun Drill Machines

For General Purpose type of Gun Drill Machines, we keep a large inventory. The oil hole shape went through a model change from the old circle type of oil hole to a crescent type or double hole type for smoother cutting. We keep an inventory from 2mm - 32 mm, the maximum length will be up to 2150L which allows us to ship on the same date with the reception of the purchase order.

Ti Drills

This is a new product with a coating process done on all of the carbide tip section. The coating process will allow the drill to be applied with high efficiency for difficult type of material such as Stainless Steel type material, Inconel type of material, Titanium type of material and aslo can be applied for work material with high hardness. 

Even for regular type of material, this coating process will allow better tool life, and application such as using water-soluable type coolant shows better results with using this type of gun drills.

Another characteristic of using this type of drill is the better outcome of the surface roughness, hole diameter will dramatically increase in efficiency, which allows the gun drill to finish a high demand application in one process.

We keep a standard inventory from 2mm - 12mm and can be shipped on the same day of the reception of purchase order.

Also as an option, we can manufacture with TiCN and TiALN coating.

MVR Gun Drills

The MVR Gundrills was developed to be attached on a machining center, NC lathe and other type of general purpose machines.Also, the MVR gundrills have a MIROKU's orginal chip breaker which will form a cutting chip like a small shell like shape for cutting general steel material which allows a deep hole drilling to be possible under low coolant pressure environment.

Also a guide hole will be used so a guide bush nor a guide plate is not necessary.

We keep a stock for 5mm -15.5mm and can be shipped on the same day of the reception of the purchase order.

And we will manufacture other sizes as well.

Special Gun Reamer

If a more efficiency hole is desired, we also have a line of special gun reamers, which have a great effect.

We will design depending on the demand efficiency and cutting conditions and can manufacture from 1 flute to 8 flute.

We also have Step type, Spiral type if requested.

Gun Drill Re-sharpening Fixture

We have developed a reshapening fixture for gun drills.

This fixture will allow regrinding from 1.4mm to 32mm and unlike the existing grinding fixtures, Miroku's re-sharpening fixtures allow to change tool with one chuck.

Also the both the inner and outer angle can be set to any degree which corresponds to many different cutting blade angles.

Very easy to operate, so the day of instalment, precised regrinding is possible.

Gun Drills and Reamers