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High Lift Pallet Trucks

Supplier: King Materials Handling

High Lift Pallet Trucks are actually not suited to Australian pallets at all, because they have bottom boards. They are suited however to crates; skid pallets (with two or three bearers and a top deck, but no bottom deck or boards); stillages, etc.

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Some people place standard pallets on to skid pallets in order to benefit from the High Lift Pallet truck action - that of raising the load, rather than having the operator bend over - which in turn helps prevent muscular skeletal injuries.

They are used in furniture making, to raise sheets of board to the correct height for feeding into process machinery. Printers love to bring the sheets of paper or card up to the press level. Timber processors raise bundles of lumber up to feed into fingering and laminating machines. Machinery maintenance people often need to raise the machine up to a working height, rather than work at floor level, and so it goes on.

The King High Lift Pallet Truck comes in manual or battery lift - with manual default built in. It lowers to the same height as a hand pallet truck (85mm) and raises to a maximum height of 800mm.

Capacity is 1000kgs as standard, but 1500kg units are also available.

The King High Lift Pallet Truck uses the single hydraulic lift cylinder system, as double or triple telescoping cylinders cause too many problems with leaking from the seals. The single cylinder is stronger and uses European hydraulic seals for longer life.

King only sells the type of lifter where the fulcrum point for the lift-handle is under the lift cylinder housing. The type which has the fulcrum point welded to the housing often fails due to excessive strain at this point, and is un-repairable once the welding tears apart the housing.