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Krystel Kleer ADV5000 Secondary Advanced Wastewater System

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Suitable for polymer and concrete systems, Krystal Kleer ADV5000 is a secondary advanced wastewater system.

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  • Top of the range Aerated Wastewater Treatment System advanced secondary 10+ person system.
  • Clear odourless recycling of all waste water. 
  • Greater placement flexibility with reduction of setback and reduced irrigation dispersal areas.
  • Full local and state government approvals for Victoria, NSW, QLD, South Australia and Northern Territory.
  • Full warranty on all tanks and components.
  • Manufactures warranties on system pumps and blowers.
  • Ease of maintenance and service.
  • Purpose built single tank system equates to ease of install and minimum disruption.
  • Fully automatic operation with audible and visual alarm systems.
  • All tanks are manufactured to the Australian Standard AS NZS 1546.1-2008.
  • All component systems are manufactured to Australian Standard AS NZS 1546.3-2008.
  • Professional in-house after sales and emergency breakdown service by qualified technicians.

How Does A Krystel Kleer ADV5000 Treatment Plant Work?

Primary 1
Anaerobic digestion breaks down the pollutants. NB no moving parts.

Primary 2
Anaerobic digestion.

Aeration Chamber
Aerobic bacteria flourish on a biofilter to feed on the organic material from Primary 1 and 2.

Sedimentation Chamber
Allows any pollutants which are hard to digest time to either settle to the bottom or float to the top. This allows treated effluent to pass onto the next stage.

Pump Out Chamber
The treated water is collected and then automatically pumped out via disinfection unit.

This process involves either a Chlorination disinfection unit allowing effluent tp pass through on the way to irrigating the garden area with the cleansed water.

The Process
The water is recycled, making it safe to use on your gardens. This is achieved by recirculating the water through a filter medium where aerobic bacteria is cultured. The bacteria is stimulated by pumping oxygen into the chambers and circulating the effluent around and through the filter medium. The system is designed in such a way that all water that passes through the filter is retained in the tank long enough for the filtration process to take place.

As the water is pumped out to irrigation it passes through a Chlorine Unit where bacteria that is present is destroyed.

The irrigation process is carried out by a pump which is activated by a float switch. This resets constantly ready for the next surge of water from the clarification chamber.

When you install a Krystel Kleer Wastewater Treatment Plant you have the opportunity of using your water twice. Initially inside the house and once outside in your garden area. In doing so have contributed to protecting and conserving our environment.

Operation Procedure

  • All wastewater from bathrooms kitchens & toilets is piped to the treatment plant.
  • Water enters the pre-treatment chamber where a break down of solids is performed by anaerobic bacteria.
  • Solids settle & liquid flows into the 2nd stage of treatment.
  • Waste is filtered through a bank of bacteria filled membrane and is aerated at the same time. The aerobic bacteria oxidize the organic matter.
  • Liquid flows to the bottom where small particles left float to the bottom.
  • Treated effluent flows into the pump out chamber and is pumped out on demand via a chlorine disinfection centre to your designated irrigation area.

Krystel Kleer ADV5000 Secondary Advanced Wastewater System

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