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Laser Guided Vehicles - LGV / Automated Guided Vehicles - AGV

Supplier: Elettric80

A LGV - Automated Guided Vehicle physically moves the goods and acts as the link between the different machines within the warehouse environment.

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The vehicle combines many different systems to ensure reliability and efficiency, including Energy, Safety, Fork/load handling and Guidance and Control systems.

Technical Features of 3. Laser Guided Vehicles - LGV / Automated Guided Vehicles - AGV:

All the LGVs can be equipped with special waterproof devices which enable them to work outdoors, even in all-weather conditions. (Please note! These features should only be considered as an example. LGVs vary in detail according to the type and requirement of each customer.)

High Lift Reach LGV - Giraffe:

The Giraffe LGV, the latest addition to its LGV family. The Giraffe has a reach capability of 9 metres and a maximum pallet weight of 1,200 kg and is able to work alongside manual fork lift trucks in a rack storage environment to ultimately improve safety, increase flexibility and reduce storage handling costs on-site.

The Giraffe can be programmed to manoeuvre in a 3 metre wide corridor and due to its small footprint can replace existing manual fork lift vehicles in a facility without the need to change the racking environment.

The Giraffe complements Elettric 80’s existing technology, such as multi pallet handling LGVs for block stacking, which are proven and being used by some of the biggest brands in the sector including Carlsberg, Foster’s, Damm and Miller.

Fork LGV:

The fork LGV family is extremely versatile and can pick up and deposit pallets (1-4 at a time) from various types of conveyors, set at different heights or at ground level.

This latter feature means that even large ground level stores (temporary or permanent) can be used and the pallets can be directly stacked up in several layers.

There are two versions of this type of vehicle. They vary according to the different position of the back wheels in relation to the forks, thus allowing the vehicle to have different forms and sizes in relation to the load to be carried and the space available to manoeuvre.

Conveyor-bed LGV:

The vehicles in this family can be equipped with roller, chain or belt conveyors, depending on the specific requirements and the specifications of the product to be handled.

It can carry a large number of pallets (up to 6-8) simultaneously and is particularly suitable for large product flows and long routes.

The models transporting 1-4 pallets can be used as an alternative to fork LGVs, since they require relatively little room to manoeuvre.

LGVs for reels:

This range of LGVs has been designed to transport different types of reels. They can be equipped with various gripping devices according to the features of the products to be moved: using either special clamps or specially designed forks.

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