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Logistics VisuLive®

Supplier: Masternaut Three X

Keeping your finger on the pulse of your entire distribution service is paramount. Logistics VisuLive® helps you keep in control with simple view of critical information on every vehicle, allowing you to monitor deliveries, driver information and inactive periods.

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Business critical information is displayed in real-time so you can react as a situation develops to manage resources better, minimise negative impact on customer service and ensure your business is reaching its full potential.

Viewed through simple graphics displayed in multiple formats, Logistics VisuLive is a simple way to motivate your team, encourage a results-focussed culture and ensure work is progressing as it should be. Logistics VisuLive helps you keep workflow consistent, improve efficiency and maintain high levels of customer satisfaction.

Our team of experts spend time understanding what data exists within your business and uncovering what pieces are the most important. With this insight we work with you to create the perfect solution.

The VisuLive solution simply draws existing data from your business, both from Masternaut Three X solutions and other back office systems and channels it into customised dashboards that can be displayed in a number of formats around your business.

The Masternaut Three X team works with you to determine the best format for the displays which can be projected in large format, broadcast on large plasma screens, set up to be viewed on computer monitors or even handheld devices, in fact, wherever they will be the most effective in driving business.

Displays communicate vital fleet information including vehicle location, estimated return time and drivers hours – all in real-time so you can accurately and easily track your fleets actual activity against the plan at-a-glance.

Real-time data feeds allow displays to be refreshed every 10 seconds, providing immediate and accurate insight to your teams.

Alerts can be set up to proactively notify you and your team to specific events. Often used to identify potential problems so preventative action can be taken these alerts promote a results-driven culture.

Benefits of Logistics VisuLive®:

  • Maximise the efficiency of your fleet and save money through improved management.
  • Keep your operation running on track with a real-time view of critical information.
  • Real-time delivery monitoring lets you manage your team to stay on schedule.
  • Improve customer satisfaction through improved communication.
  • Identify areas for operational improvement and drive insight to the heart of your business.
  • Protect profits by monitoring key performance areas and avoiding service level penalties.

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