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Manual Torque Wrench | Digital Torque Wrench CEM 3

Supplier: JB Tool Tech

Manual Torque Wrench CEM 3 is upgraded Version of CEM Series.

Price Guide: POA

  • Upgraded Version of CEM Series
  • Easy to Read Dual LCD/LED Displays User Friendly Operations
  • Expanded Data Controls
  • Dual LCD/LED Displays
  • Time Link to Measured Data
  • Up to 999 Measured Data Storage
  • Judgment Function Options
  • RS232C Output and USB Connectivity
  • Data Processing via PC

Features of Digital Torque Wrench CEM 3

  • Dual Displays
    • Switch between power saving LCD and LCD+LED for easy viewing
  • Measured Data Linked to Time
    • Clock function adds to advanced data control
  • Up to 999 Measured Data Storage
  • Judgment Function
    • OK and NG Buzzer plus LED display alerts
    • Measurement Data Functions
    • Preset Value Buzzer and Display Alerts
    • Number Count Max. Value. Mm. Value. Average Value
    • Data Transfer for Specific Data Ranges
  • Compatible with CEM2
    • Mode to switch between original CEM2 and new CEM3 functions
  • Environmentally friendly Ni-MH battery
  • Residual Battery Life Indicator
  • Expanded Battery Life (30 hrs of continuous use In power saving mode)
  • Durable Display with Protective Cover
  • Light Weight Aluminium Body Construction
  • Handle Design Prevents Over torquing
    • For Lower Capacity Models
  • RS232C Output with optional cable for USB connection
  • Expanded Data Processing with PC
  • Tightening mode by Judgment function