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Polycell Bubble Wrap

Supplier: Adelaide Packaging

Polycell bubble is available in 1.5m width rolls and offers superior cushioning, superior strength, non-abrasive, lightweight, reusable and recyclable properties.

Price Guide: POA

P10 is a 10mm diameter bubble, while the P20 is a 20mm diameter bubble.

Laminated Bubble is bubble which is enclosed between two layers of film. Standard is just made onto one layer. This gives extra durability than the standard bubble.

Laminated bubble with paper backing is similar to the normal laminated bubble but instead of two layers of film one layer is brown kraft paper. Using paper helps to provide security and extra protection to normal laminated bubble.

Polycell's Oxo-B Eco Bubble is a biodegradable bubble wrap. The product features a component called "Reverte" which ensures that once the bubble wrap is discarded it will degrade and breakdown into smaller pieces with the aide of UV light, oxygen and/or heat. Once this has occurred the smaller pieces are subjected to ingestion by micro-organisms within the rubbish heap or landfill and will finally biodegrade into CO2 & H20 plus biomass.


P10 Ecocell 1.5m x100m
P10 Ecocell 1.5m x200m
P10K Laminated Bubble with kraft paper backing 1.5m x 100m
P10S Laminated Ecocell1.5m x 100m
P20 Ecocell 1.5M x 150M
P20S Laminated Ecocell 1.5M x 100M
P10 OXO-B Eco Bubble 1.5m x 100m
P20 OXO-B Eco Bubble 1.5m x 100m