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Pot Magnets | AMF Magnetics

Supplier: AMF Magnetics

AMF Magnetics Pot Magnets are made up of magnets (NdFeB, SmCo, AlNiCo or Hard Ferrite) and have only one surface of magnetic attraction.

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This surface is created by the of construction of the magnet preventing further spread of magnetic field allowing other metal parts in the area of the pot magnets not be influenced. 

This enables both the North and South Poles of the magnet to be concentrated on the same side, at the same time therefore creating a significantly increased holding capacity.

The advantages of pot magnets involve commonly pot magnets have a steel skin that able the magnet to be quite strong creating a guard like to prevent chipping or crack when coming into contacting constantly with a hard surfaces. Also the magnet can be supplied with a tapped hole, a countersunk hole or with a threaded stud for convenient mounting to suit your needs.

AMF Magnetics supply their customers with holding pot magnets that range from 16mm to 75mm diameter, with a holding force range from 2kg to 164 kg depending on the magnet style including countersunk hole, male thread, female thread or threaded hook.

Pot magnets are strong magnets in which are used mostly for industrial use, for example pot magnets can be used as holding magnets or hooks. Depending on the use these pot magnets come in different sizes, shapes and widths allowing the magnet to be best suited for its role whether it is for industrial use or simply just tiding up the family tool shed.

AMF Magnetics' customers tend to purchase this particular magnet for applications including:

  • Hangings and flags
  • Creating a fixed object
  • Lighting fittings
  • Promotion and demonstration displays
  • Bookends
  • Hanging up roller blinds
  • Painting signage using a stencil
  • Industrial fixings
  • Keeping the front gate open
  • Assembling countertop shelving
  • Door stopper
  • To position and hold inspection equipment
  • Holding antennas

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