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Rare Metal Thermocouples | Pyrosales


Pyrosales' Rare Metal Thermocouples are used in applications where the temperatures exceed the working range of Base Metal Thermocouples, i.e. 0-1300°C, or where greater accuracy is required such as in Standard Thermocouples, wire size is typically 0.5mm diameter.

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Max Temperature

                                                                                   Continuous    Intermittent
Type R Platinum / Platinum 13% Rhodium                      1400°C           1650°C
Type S Platinum / Platinum 10% Rhodium                      1400°C           1650°C
Type B Platinum 6% Rhodium / Platinum 30% Rhodium   1500°C           1800°C

Rare Metal Thermocouples require protection sheaths to avoid contamination from the process. The information below provides a selection guide for Base Metal thermocouple sheathing material. It covers only the most commonly supplied thermocouples.

Pyrosales specialises in "Made to Order" units and will quote against your specifications:

  • Metal Ceramic LT-1 -->1370°C Impervious – used in copper, brass and steel industry
  • Silicon Carbide SIC --> 1650°C Porous – used in aluminium industry
  • Aluminous Porcelain IAP --> 1500°C Impervious – general purpose furnace applications
  • Hexoloy® HEX --> 1650°C  Impervious – most corrosive/ erosive environments
  • Syalon ® SY --> 1150°C Impervious – used in aluminium industry
  • Mullite H5 1600°C Impervious – no free silica
  • Recrystallised Alumina RR -->1700°C Impervious – high purity (recommended)
  • Sillimanite SIL -->1650°C Porous – outer thermal shock protection

Note: LT-1, Sillimanite, Silicon Carbide, Hexoloy and Syalon require an inner impervious sheath. Specific details of each of the above are available on request.