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School Visitor Sign-In Books

Supplier: Compact Business Systems

School students trust the adults within the school environment to protect them.

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  1. On arrival, the visitor fills out the Visitor Register. This includes all the particulars of their visit.
  2. This show's the visitor your school’s conditions of entry, includes emergency evacuation procedure.
  3. Issue the pass so the visitor can be identified throught their visit.

Compact’s Visitor Identification System will help you fulfil this trust.

Whether you are a principal, a school administrator, a school receptionist or a teacher, you already know that the safety of your students is your number 1 priority.

Compact’s Visitor Identification System a quick and easy way to register visitors to your school.

And you also know that the presence of unlawful visitors on your school grounds threatens the security of students in your care and exposes them to harassment, theft, or worse.

Beyond the obvious litigation issues that you will encounter if an unauthorised person harms a student, you know that you have a moral obligation to protect those in your care.

Unfortunately, you can’t constantly monitor every school entrance and exit, or always be in every school building or classroom. So you need a way that everyone on your school grounds, from student to principal, can identify legitimate visitors, and therefore report other people to the proper authorities.

Visitor registration and identification is the essential first step to ensure that lawful visitors to your school can quickly be identified.

When students and staff in your school know that legitimate visitors wear an identification badge, it’s easy for them to immediately recognise who hasn’t signed in yet—and therefore may be unlawfully on school property!

Efficient and private sign-in for your visitors, and peace of mind for you with Compact’s Identification System.

The sign-in process takes only moments, and a security sheet protects the privacy of each visitor. In filling out the form, the visitor is giving you all the information you need to ensure that they are, and will be recognised as, a legitimate visitor.

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