The benefits of rubber insulating mat

Supplier: Balmoral Engineering
11 February, 2009

Our new range of insulating matting is now a synthetic rubber EPDM. This rubber is designed for extreme UV,ozone and weather tolerance making it ideal for use in hot, outdoor areas exposed to the elements.

It also retains a special high grip non-slip surface making it again perfect for outdoor applications where rain and mud can render many rubber's extremely slippery.

It also has a non-corrugated surface which makes it easier to clean, and prevents the collections and build up of dirt and mud in the ribs that occur with corrugated varieties.

These mats are electrically compliant with the relevant Australian standard AS2978. They are batch tested to 15KV for a maximum working voltage of 650 volts. This makes them ideal for low voltage applications such as switchboard insulation matting, or for rolled up and portable insulation for contractors and Electrical Utility workers who need a relativley light weight, flexible mat with good insulation qualities and tough mechanical resistance.

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