Turn Your Pack King Powered Floor Crane Into A Multi-purpose Workhorse With These New Accessories

Turn Your Pack King Powered Floor Crane Into A Multi-purpose Workhorse With These New Accessories

Pack King has released information about the latest accessories available for their Powered Floor Crane range. Making them more ubiquitous than ever!


There are three new Spreader Bars, with widths of 900mm, 1200mm and 2360mm. These are all T shaped to fit as extensions into the crane's boom. They are fitted with a chain and safety hook at each end.

The Spreader Bars are particularly useful for lifting long and large objects, such as pipes, girders, steel plate using the new plate grabs, pipe clamps and magnets, to turn the Powered Floor Crane into a very versatile machine that now has expanded functionality.


Also new are two Drum Clamps. Both sit under the drum rim. They are suitable for removing a drum from a pallet or dropping a leaking drum into a Hazmat outer drum or on to a drum bund. Even loading a drum onto a vehicle is easy with the drum clamps.



When you need to grab a drum from floor or pallet, secure it, raise it, then rotate it using a geared chain wheel with looped chai, in order to decant the drum's contents into a vat. The Drum Rotator extends the Powered Floor Crane's functionality to a whole new realm of drum handling and tipping at height.



Magnets that can be used singly or in pairs are a very useful tool when dealing with anything ferrous.

Picking up steel sheets from a stack requires only one person; does not involve any physical effort, and the reach of the crane allows the sheet to be deposited for instance on a laser cutting deck. The magnets manual ON/OFF, by moving a lever, makes for ease of use and with no cables or batteries to operate the magnet.



As the names imply, clamps especially suited to pipes, plates, blocks can be used on a single hook or used with the Spreader Bars.



Placed into the centre of a roll or reel, the expanding mandrel clamps the inside of the reel, allowing the crane to remove it from a pallet, transport it to where it is needed, without damaging the outside of the roll.



The Remote Control Pendant on a curly cord, plugs into the console, and enables the operator to work close to the load and to control the crane operations using the push buttons. Only the lift, lower and extend buttons are on the pendant. It does not control the crane's drive functions. The remote is perfect for precise placing of a load into say a crate, or removing a pump after unbolting it for servicing.


Pack King reports that the Powered Floor Cranes have been very well received into many diverse industries, with many repeat orders.

Many have commented upon how obvious it was to combine a powered crane with a power driven base. It makes so much sense, and for the first time, enables a variety of uses that were previously achieved with an overhead or a manual type crane, but now, with no physical or location restrictions. .

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