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Vacuum Sealants

Supplier: AVT Services

Broad range of vacuum sealants including; DuxSeal, Epoxy Patch, Torr Seal, Apiezon Q Compound and more.

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Torr Seal

Torr Seal from Varian utilises an epoxy resin which seals leaks on all types of vacuum systems or components. It is solvent-free and can be used at pressures of 10-9 mbar, temperatures from -45 °C to 120 °C (bakeable temperature).

Leak checking can be performed immediately after application of the sealant to many materials. Torr Seal vacuum epoxy is packaged in two separate tubes; part A Base Resin in a 82 gram tube and Part B Hardener in a 36 gram tube

Epoxy Patch

Epoxy Patch is the inexpensive alternative to Varian's Torr Seal. These two products are both equivalent.


Multi-purpose sealing and caulking compound with superior adhesion and shape retention properties. DuxSeal has a virtually unlimited list of applications and is very widely used throughout industry.

DuxSeal has a heavy, putty-like consistency. It is compounded with a non-asbestos inert fibre and non-drying synthetic oil base. It adheres to most clean surfaces, is insoluble in water and unaffected by moisture, ordinary gases and condensates. Seals out dust, dirt, water, acids, air, fumes and gas. Completely hand friendly never causing stain or discomfort.

Duxseal has excellent shape retention, is easily formed and holds that form. It is a reusable, easily removed and reapplied sealant. No heating is required, and it is non-flammable.

Q Compound

A multipurpose temporary vacuum sealant from Apiezon used in a number of different industries. This product is very waterproof, and is easy to use and remove. It comes with a 10 year shelf life.