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Water Trough | Safety Tread

Supplier: Australian Water Systems

Tanks Direct has not only introduced high quality polyethylene tank standards, but we also listen to our customers, working with them to develop new products that achieve industry improvements.

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One of these improvements is the new Safety Tread Trough. The new safety tread trough has two main features:

  • It allows cattle to get a foothold and get to safety should they be pushed or fall into the trough.
  • It can be used with a tray over the safety tread as a base for dry lick. This creates a cavity where potentially harmful dissolved properties from the dry lick can drain away when it rains, preventing cattle from drinking it.

How many cattle have you lost in troughs? If you have lost even one it is too many. The new safety tread trough allows cattle to get a grip if they are pushed or fall into the trough.

The safety tread pattern allows the cattle hoof to safely lock into the centre of the tread, providing full grip and enabling the beast to get out of the trough.

Even if the beast misses the first tread, the universal design of the pattern allows the hoof to lock into the next tread and give it a secure footing.

With a flat sheet of plastic or moulded tray placed on top of the safety tread at the base, the safety tread trough provides a safe method of delivering dry lick whilst having the versatility to convert back to a liquid feed trough.

The tray can have small holes, slits or simply clearance around the sides, so that in the event of rain, water can run around the dry lick, into the bottom cavity and out of the drain. This prevents the cattle from drinking any dissolved properties from the dry lick, such as urea, which can be fatal. The drain plug can be replaced to use the trough for liquid feed.