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Yanmar EG907 90HP Tractor

Supplier: Days Machinery Centre

HMT continuously variable transmission for excellent operability, the most appropriate speed, and the highest efficiency.

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HMT TRANSMISSION combines both the superior operability of an HST (step-free hydrostatic transmission) unit and the high power transmission efficiency of a mechanical planetary gear transmission.

During both work and travel, you get smooth speed changes across the whole range, from a standstill up to maximum speed and back, without the shock from shifting gears. Fuel costs are lowered further through optimum work speeds and waste-free engine output at all times.

NEW type TNV electronicallly controlled, direct-injection engine

The TNV engine maintains its revs to keep the power stable even with a sudden load increase during work. This engine draws out the maximum performance from your tractor.

Use of a single plunger distributes fuel evenly to all cylinders. The high-pressure injection produces a fine fuel mist and the oil pressure timer modulates the injection timing precisely. It all combines to achieve highly efficient combustion and keep the exhaust clean.

4 Valves for Intake & Exhaust + Center Injection

Each cylinder has two intake and exhaust valves each to raise intake and exhaust performance. Vertical placement of the injection nozzle in the middle of the cylinder realizes stable combustion.

Easy Operation

Maximum Speed Dial

Set the maximum speed that will be achieved when the main speed lever is pushed fully forward (at full power). Since the full lever stroke then works from a standstill only up the set speed, fine adjustment of the speed to best suit each and every one of your work conditions is easy. The maximum speed setting is displayed on the instrument panel.

Inching Up / Down

Implements can be raised or lowered slightly by pressing the switch slightly.

Single-touch Raising and Lowering

The lever beneath the steering wheel is used to lower and raise the implement on wet paddies, and the main speed lever on dry fields or stock farms.

ECO View Display Switch

This displays the tractor and PTO speeds at the touch of a hand.

Delicate Raising and Lowering Switch

Press the switch for as long as it needs to raise or lower the implement slightly. It is a convenient feature during sudden load increase or when the tractor is tilted on soft ground.

Maximum Speed Setting Dial

The maximum speed of the main speed lever can be set to suit your job. The setting can be changed even during travel at a turn of the dial.

Specifications of Yanmar EG907 90HP Tractor:

  • Brand: Yanmar
  • Model: EG 907 Cabin
  • Engine: 4TNV98T - Turbo
  • Cylinders & CC: 4 / 3318
  • Gross HP: 89.5
  • Transmission: HMT Powershuttle - Stepless - 2 Range
  • Drive Train: 4WD
  • Protection: Airconditioned Cabin
  • Tyre Specification: F: 9,5-24 - R: 16.9-30

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