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100% Organic Global Peat Oil & Fuel Floor Sweep Absorbent

Supplier: Perth Petroleum Services

Global Peat is a non-toxic, all natural 100% organic industrial floor sweep absorbent that is economical, non-abrasive, non-leaching and, in its natural state, is already bio-degraded

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Why you should use Global Peat?

  • Does not require specially trained personnel or high tech equipment
  • A highly effective absorbent which saves time and money
  • Lightweight, economical, efficient and easy to use
  • It will not leach or discharge absorbed pollutants
  • Contains oil eating bacteria
  • Environmentally friendly (over time Global Peat will break down pollutants and return to its natural state)
  • Global Peat is safe to incinerate or use in most land fills (contact local authorities for advice and instructions)

Features of Organic Industrial Absorbent - Global Peat

  • Non-leaching organic fibre
  • Bio-degradable and self-regenerating in its natural state
  • Environmentally friendly oil absorbent
  • Lightweight
  • Cleans up oil and petroleum-based spills
  • Has a powerful wicking action which encapsulates fuels, oils, solvents, and other hydrocarbon based liquids on contact
  • Suppresses vapours and absorbs hydrocarbons in dry or wet conditions
  • Effective on land or water, especially around shorelines

Organic Industrial Absorbent - Global Peat is Ideal for:

  • Service stations/forecourts
  • Maintenance areas
  • Parking areas
  • Refuelling areas
  • Contingency operations
  • Vehicle repair shops
  • Ports/marinas
  • Shoreline clean up open sea oil spills
  • Mine sites
  • Underground mining
  • Road spills

28 Litre Bags (PMPB)
50 Litres compressed to 25 Litre Bale (PMPB11)
100 Litres compressed to 50 Litre Bale (PMPB18.5)
200 Litres compressed to 50 Litre Bale (PMPB37)