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Dri-Zit® All Purpose Premium Floor Absorbent

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Thousands of leading firms keep their floors Dri-Zit ® clean and safe. Keep your floors Dri-Zit® clean & safe.

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With the innovative Hydra-LiteTM process, Dri-Zit is the quicker, more effective formula for cleaning up spills.

When Süd-Chemie Adsorbents combines pure, genuine Georgia Fuller's Earth with their exclusive Hydra-Lite process, they produce the natural absorbent that is used by thousands of leading firms.

Dri-Zit absorbs its weight in liquid.

To make the most effective absorbent out of the highest quality clay, Süd-Chemie Adsorbent's unique process grinds the clay twice, reducing it to granules.

Then the granules are suspended in a fluid-bed dryer and, finally, spiraled into a combustion chamber to remove the remaining traces of moisture.

The resulting product, Dri-Zit, absorbs 100% of its weight in liquid.
The natural formula for all applications.

Dri-Zit is highly absorbent and non-flammable. It absorbs liquids, including most oils, water, mixtures of soluble oils and water, grease, acids, inks and paints. Naturally.

Cleans up spills and reduces hazards.

Dri-Zit can also be used as a fire extinguisher.

Examples of where and how Dri-Zit absorbent is used:

  • Automotive - Garages, service stations and airports. Used on driveways, under lifts, around oil drums and lubricating racks.
  • Basements - Dri-Zit absorbs moisture from leaky walls.

Other places where Dri-Zit is used:

  • Elevator shafts
  • Factories
  • Industrial plants
  • Machine shops
  • Oil storage rooms
  • Platforms
  • Printers
  • Restaurants, food plants


 A 6/30 blend of calcium montmorillonite and attapulgite (hydrous magnesium aluminum silicate).