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Bio-Circle Compact Solvent-free Parts Washers

Supplier: Revolution Advanced Metals & Materials

Biological parts cleaning based on an aqueous system containing natural bio cultures.

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The No Solvent Parts Washer - Bio-Circle Compact impresses with its high-performance functions, and its compact design saves space in the plant.

  • ideally suited for small rooms or confined spaces
  • the draining device makes the exchange of the BIO-CIRCLE Liquid easier
  • maintenance-friendly due to its highed upper section
  • the three-filter system and an additional fine mesh filter increases the effectiveness of the BIO-CIRCLE cleaning media

Oil and grease are immediately and bi-ologically changed by microor-ganisms. So the cleaning agent kept clean on a continuous basis which considerably prolongs the life-span of the cleaning liquid.

  • new three-part filtration system stops effectively waste particles from entering the cleaning liquid, especially ferrous cuttings are trapped by a magnet
  • wash-basin size 740 x 540 mm with a load capacity up to 100 kg
  • operational tank capacity of 801
  • easy to maintain due to exchangeable control box which includes electrical
  • pump unit
  • equipped with fine filter to optimise the effectiveness of the cleaning liquid
  • comfortably operated with a drain valve for exchange of the cleaning liquid

Simply natural ...

Bio-CircleTM makes use of natural power fora user- and environmentally-friendly as well as economical cleaning of small parts. Working oils, cutter coolants, corrosion protection products, weak grease and other particles are removed by the cleaning agent BioCircleTML

The easy to clean filter system separates coarser and finer waste particles, oil and grease are immediateley and biologically changed by the micro-organisms. BioCircleTMs bioremediation process not only breaks down the contaminants but also maintains the power and cleanliness of the solution.


The stable and robust tank is made from plastic and does not corrode. The heating sys-tem installed in the Bio-Circle TM keeps the cleaning agent at its ideal working temperature of 41°C. The air-pump ensures a steady supply of oxygen essential to the micro-organisms.

In addition B[oCircleTM L contains a selected combination of nutriments, which guarantee working of the microorganisms through the whole service life. A plastic foil keyboard offers the operator an optimal comfort and indicates the status of the process by pictograms. For maintenance purposes the table is hinged for easy access.

Economic efficiency

Our Bio-CircleTm L compared to solvent systems has up to four times longer service life. Even if the soiling is increasing you will still have a constant cleaning result. Dio-CiroleT"L means no danger for humans and environment with high effectiveness and economics at the same time.

Bio-Circle Compact (100 kgs capacity)