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Dust Monitoring | PCME Stack 602

Supplier: Group Instrumentation

The PCME Stack 602 is a modbus based cross-stack optical measuring system which uses a dynamic sensing technique to measure the rate of change of light (DynamicOpacityTM Ratiometric Opacity technology) as particulates pass through a modulated light beam.

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This proven optical technique, coupled with advanced design features, offers significant reliability and resolution advantages over traditional Opacity monitors and virtually overcomes lens fouling associated with standard Opacity monitors.

The PCME Stack 602 is tested by TUV. Tests show identical quality of the PCME Stack 602 and the SC600T (with TUV/QAL 1 and MCERTS type approvals).

The PCME Stack 602 measures the effect of particles on a light beam transmitted across the stack. The instrument measures the ratio of the temporal variation in intensity, unlike traditional Opacity instruments in which the beam intensity is simply measured. This intensity variation derives from the statistical variations in the distribution of particles in the air-stream. The higher the concentration of particles, the greater the range of variation. A linear relationship between instrument ouput and dust concentration has been demonstrated in 3rd party independent approvals such as TUV. This permits the instrument to be calibrated in mg/m3 by comparison to the Standard Reference Method of Iso-kinetic Sampling (ISO 9096) for specific applications (eg fixed load Power Plant and electrostatic Precipitator applications).

The PCME Stack 602 is primarily used for applications with Electrostatic Precipitator boilers, calciners and large diameter emission stacks, where dust levels are typically above 10 mg/m3*. Much higher dust levels can be monitored up to 1,000 mg/m3* with the same instrument which is TUV approved for combustion type applications+.

The PCME Stack 602 can also measure Opacity (and extinction) directly and this output is available for processes which are still regulated and controlled in terms of Opacity (Colour impact) rather than dust concentration in mg/m3.

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