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Dust Monitoring | PCME View 370

Supplier: Group Instrumentation

The PCME View 370 series is designed for emission measurement with high quality where regulatory approvals are not necessary.

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In-built instrument self-checks determine instrument reliability and confidence of data along with manual verifications. Calibration for mg/m3 via an Iso-kinetic sample is simplified via data stored in the in-built short term logger. Unlike other dust monitors, the instrument is then internally calibrated with all data, outputs and results calibrated and scaled directly in mg/m3. The PCME VIEW 370 “Broken bag mode” facilitates the detection of leaking filter bags from bag filters before broken bags are present. This advanced diagnostic mode enables better operation of bag filters and lower running costs from reducing replacement bags.

Detection of bag leak or broken bag location can be either “on-screen” or on PC (via optional PC software –DustView and Predict). Predictive bag leakage and location of actual leaking bag rows can be identified in single chamber - multi-row bagfilters whereas for multi-chamber bagfilters, the system can be extended to monitor each chamber. Please consult PCME Ltd for bagfilter performance datasheet details.

Please note that only one of the following three functions can be active at any given time:

1. Bag leak/broken bag mode – Pulse logger enabled.
2. Process control mode – Short term logger enabled.
3. Emissions reporting – Long term logger enabled (PCME VIEW 373 only).

The alarm log is always enabled. The operator can quickly switch between modes and switch back again when required.

Bag Leak and Broken Bag Mode (1)

  • Dust pulse from each cleaned bag row is displayed in real-time and stored for analysis in the instrument pulse log (single chamber bagfilters).
  • Real-time or historical data analysis of bag cleaning cycles can be reviewed and compared for determining: - Deterioration of filter media between cleaning cycles. - Faulty pulse valve operation. - Incorrectly fitted bags (after replacement).

Process Control (2)

Using the instrument’s Short Term logger, the operator can:

  • Review short-term process trends to determine process upsets.
  • Review emission excursion events and compare to process conditions for comparison.
  • Data stored is used for direct comparison to Iso-kinetic sample for instrument calibration.

Alarm Data

The inbuilt alarm log stores all defined alarm events. This data can be viewed “on-screen” or downloaded to a PC (using optional DustReporter 2 software). This data enables storage and reporting of:

  • Emission alarms (both instant and average).
  • Bag leak detection warning alarms.
  • Broken bag detection warning alarms.
  • Instrument self-check failure alarms (zero, span, comms to sensor, power interrupt).

Emissions Reporting (3) PCME VIEW 373 only

The inclusion of a long term in-built data logger allows for:

  • Reporting of emission averages for environmental compliance (DustReporter 2 PC).
  • Long term process trend analysis for process optimisation (software required – option) and reduction of dust emissions.

For more information on the PCME View 370 please click here.