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Electromagnetic Clutches | Wet Type

Supplier: Keith Price Machine Tools

Electromagnetic slipring clutches are powered by a slipring brush that looks something similar to a normal auto spark plug in construction.

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Electromagnetic Clutches

Slipring clutches:are manufactured by BHI, Croft, Dessau, DDR, ETM VEP, VEPS, ETM,VBA, Matrix, ZF EKF, ZF EKN, ZF EK, ZF EKR, ZF EKD, Stromag, Stromag EDE, ELN, EFK, EMB, EKE, EMD, EFL, ESD, ERD, Ortlinghaus, Binder, FUM, FUMO, Taylor, Heid, ZPS, Baruffaldi, Baruffaldi FMS, Baruffaldi FRC, Baruffaldi FS, Baruffaldi FR, Baruffaldi FR, Corbetta, Tourco, Warner, Lenze, Ogura, Ogura MWC, Ogura MDC, Ogura MWB, Shinko, Mitsubishi NKA, Goizper, Simplatroll, OMPI, PSP ELA, ELB, ELK, ELS, EBP, Pohone, Prerov, Monninghoff, Croft, Siemens EKF, EKN, EK, EKR, Sodetra, Els, Elsk, FVZ, FOV, ELK, ELA, ELB, ESD, EKE, EMK, EMT, EKR, EK, KLDO2.5, KLDO 10, KLDO 20, 3KL 5, 3KL10, KLDX, Cugir, Binder Magnete 81.002,81.012, 81.103, 81.502, 81.512, 82.002, 82.012, 82.052, 82.032, 82.052, 82.103, 82.113, 84.003, 84.013, 84.033, 84.053,89.016, 89.018, 89.034, Oguru MCWO, Shinko MWB, Warner ECM, ECM, FUMO, ETM VEB, S.A. Engins Matra, Safop, Geminis, Sasta, Formsprag DM STD 550, etc.

They can also be of  caliper type especially on machines from the UK. The function of these brushes is to supply, usually 24 volt DC power to the clutch while the clutch is rotating. Our power brushes are of the German telescopic design that has been widely accepted for their optimum construction & capabilities to work in tough conditions. Further information can be viewed by the link below:

Electromagnetic Clutch (Wet type disc)

Non Slipring clutches & Brakes:

Also known as Stationary Field clutches, they are manufactured by Dessau DDR, ETM, Matrix, ZF, EK, Stromag, Ortlinghaus, Binder, Heid, PSP, Baruffaldi, Corbetta, Tourco, Warner, Ogura, Mitsubishi, Shinko, Goizper, Monninghoff, Croft, Siemens, Sodetra, EKR, ELN, ERD, EMB, ERD.A, EFL, KLDO, EK, Siemens. These have an internal bearing arrangement to allow the clutch component to rotate, while the magnetic coil is stationary.

Both these type of clutch units are used in many machine applications for speed and feed selection. These multi-disc clutches and brakes are available & are normally used for oil lubricated environments (wet) and can be supplied with a torque carrying capacity of 0.8 kgm to 320 kgm.

These clutches would be used in most lathes, horizontal and vertical boring mills, radial drills, single spindle and multi spindle machines and milling machines.

An example of the manufacturers who used these types would be Adcock & Shipley, Bertiez, Boko, Bullard, Cerruti, CMT, Collet & Engelhard, Craven, Defum, , DeVieg, Dorian, Dean Smith & Grace, Clovis, Correa, Efurt, Elliot, Engelhard, Enshu, Ernault Toyoda, Famot, FAT, FMUA, Forest Line, Fritz Werner, Froriep, Giana, Gidding & Lewis, Gildemeister, Gorki, Gornatti, Graffenstaden, Graziano, Grazioli, Hahn & Kolb, Harrison, Heckert, Heidenriech & Harbeck, Heckert, Hermle, Heyligenstaedt, Hitachi Seiki, HMT, Index, Innocenti, Jarbe, Kearns Richards, Kolb, Kollman, Lang, Liebherr, Maag, Makino, Mandelli, MAS, Metal Export, Mori Seiki, Niles, Nicolas Correa, Oerlikon, Okuma, OKK, Olivetti, OM, PBR, Pegard, Pensotti, Pfauter, Pinacho, Pittler, Poreba, Pullmax, Raboma, Rafamet, Rambaudi, Ramo, Ravensburg, Reinecker, Richards, Roku Roku, Ryzan, Sacem, Sachman, Safop, Saimp, San Rocco, Scharmann, Scheiss, Secmu, Shibaura, SHW, Siegen, Sinada, Skoda, Stanko, Stankoimport, Strojimport, Tacci, Tarnow, Technoimpex, Titan, Tongil, Tornos, TOS, Tovaglieri, Tuda, Ursus, Union, Vernier, VDF, VDF Boehringer, Vikram, Weiler, Weipert, Wotan, WMW Heckert, Zayer, Zerbst, ZM- Mechanicy, ZPS