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Electromagnetic Clutches | Dry Type

Supplier: Keith Price Machine Tools

Electromagnetic Clutches, Dry Type is available in single plate units or multiple plate units; much favoured in the packaging, textile, printing, food processing, book making, wood processing and special purpose machine industries

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Electromagnetic Clutches | Dry Type

Typical applications for this type of Dry Clutch or brake would be as a primary drive or braking system between the motor source and the drive gearbox. These types of clutch construction usually consist of a combination of multiple plates of special heat treated steel, combined with a combination of organic or non-asbestos synthetic material plates.

.At Keith Price, we can offer a wide range of dry type single disc or multi disc clutch and brake units in a variety of torque ratings in both ''stand alone'' or clutch brake combination sets that are exchangeable & compatible with other similar units from other manufacturers.

Typical torque rating we are able to offer would be from 10Nm to 10000 Nm for multi plate units and 3Nm to 2500 Nm for single plate units.

Our single plate ''dry'' clutch and brake units are without slipring and are rated as zero backlash, using a simple construction design & little on going maintenance. Micro clutches are available from 0.3 Nm to 3Nm

Typical manufacturers would be Warner, Coremo, KEB, Lenze, Simplatroll, Shinko, Ogura, Ortlinghaus, Mayr, Wichita, Stromag, Matrix & Baruffaldi.

Typical Machine Tool applications would be such as Butler Elgamill, Huron, Mecof, Sachmann, Sheet metal machines such as shears, presses, etc.

Regarding the double clutch & brake combination units we offer ''backlash free'' Electromagnetic Clutch & Brake Combination systems in open or enclosed versions. ( versions up to IP 65 protection standard for IP 44), that offer a high production cycle due to a high frequency on-off operation that is possible.

These units are easy to install, and suitable for any type of motor due to wide range of versions available in torque ratings from 6 Nm to 2500 Nm.