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Floor Truss System | Pryda Longreach Trusses

Supplier: Pryda Australia

Pryda Floor Truss Systems are a complete structural system for timber floors made up of flooring material, floor trusses, strong-backs, connections and bracing.

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They have been proven over many years and provide occupiers with floors that have an excellent and predictably reliable performance.

The timber for these trusses is on flat, which provides a stable platform during installation and minimizes the overall depth required. All trusses use commonly available timber and most floor trusses in Australia are made from 70 mm or 90 mm dry timber.

There are two different types of web systems for these trusses. Both have timber chords but Pryda Longreach uses all-timber webs, while Pryda Span uses metal webs for the diagonals and timber webs for the verticals.

Both systems of Pryda floor trusses are generally made to order by licensed fabricators. While there are standard end details that allow trusses to be trimmed on site, this practice is not common. This is not only because all trusses are designed for an exact span for economic reasons, but the interaction between the true span of the trusses and the flooring should be considered for proper dynamic performance assessment.

Pryda Longreach Trusses:

Longreach trusses are a premium performance product using nail-plated, all-timber trusses of any depth, but typically 300 mm deep for residential floors and 400 mm deep for commercial floors.

Pryda Longreach trusses are referenced as FT200, FT250, FT300, FT350 and FT400, where "FT’ means Floor Truss, and "200" is the nominal overall depth (mm). The actual depth dimensions are in nominal size steps, or may be individually specified as required for the particular project.

Pryda Longreach can be designed for all common floor loads, including commercial loadings up to 5 kPa or point loads up to 6.7 kN. These trusses are slightly heavier than Pryda Span trusses and being all-timber generally have a stiffer performance as they can dissipate floor vibrations very well, while the nail-plates connecting the webs and chords are quite substantial.

Product Benefits:

Pryda Floor Truss Systems offer many benefits to the designer, the builder and the building owner in providing a reliable high performance system for both domestic and commercial construction. The use of the Pryda Floor Truss System results in a very cost effective, high quality product that is sufficiently flexible to accommodate the most complex of building requirements.