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Supplier: OmniSTAR

G2 is a high performance navigation service combining the navigation satellites of both the American GPS constellation and the Russian GLONASS constellation, to produce a composite GPS/GLONASS position solution.

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The G2 service utilises OmniSTAR’s global network of dual system reference stations to calculate ‘orbit and clock’ errors on a satellite by satellite basis for all 50 of the GPS/GLONASS satellites. From this G2 can provide consistent decimetre level accuracy positioning on a world wide basis

G2 Benefits Users By:

  • Reducing the effects of partial obstructions; these can occur during a survey of a dense urban environment.
  • Reducing the effects of satellite interference that can occur during ionospheric disturbances.
  • Increased stablity. Being a dual frequency phase position solution the resulting computed position solution is extremely stable making it very suitable for position relative applications such as machine guidance.
  • The ‘orbit and clock’ correction source is totally independent from those used for XP, being generated from an OmniSTAR owned and operated “Orbit and Clock’ monitoring network. G2 and XP offer OmniSTAR customers a fully redundant positioning solution using two independent correction sources.