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When a process requires flow measurement, using a product called orifice plates is commonly used. Pyrosales will engineer a solution to suit your application.

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Types of Orifice Plates available at Pyrosales are outlined below.

Square edged Concentric plates are most commonly used for flow measurement. This has special features such as simple structures, high accuracy, and ease of installation and replacement. The orifice plates are correctly finished to the dimensions, surface roughness, and flatness to the applicable standard. These plates are recommended for clean liquids, gases and steam flow, when the Reynold number range from 10000 to 107.

Eccentric plates are for liquids containing solid particles that are likely to sediment or for vapours likely to deposit water condensate, this orifice plate is used with its eccentric bore bottom flush with the bottom of the piping inside surface so that the sedimentation of such inclusions are avoided. Likewise, for gases or vapours, it may be installed with its eccentric bore top flush with the ID of the piping to avoid stay of gas or vapour in its vicinity.

With Segmental plates the bore of this orifice plate is a semicircle. These are used for measurements where solids are entrained in a gas or liquid flow stream.

With Quadrant edged plates the inlet edge of the bore of this orifice plate is rounded to a quarter circle. This orifice plate is principally used for measuring flow rates of low Reynolds number i.e. between 2000 to 10000

The Conical Entrance orifice plate is suitable for viscous fluids Reynolds number is very low i.e. between 80 to 2000.


  • Design: Conforms to ISA RP 3.2 , DIN 1952 , BS 1042, ISO-5167
  • Types: Square edge concentric, Quadrant edged, Conical entrance, Eccentric, Segmental
  • Plate material: SS304 , SS316 , SS316L as standard. Hastelloy-C , Monel , PP , PVC , PTFE coated etc can be given on request.
  • Orifice Bore: In accordance with ISO-5167, BS-1042, ASME MFC 3M, R.W.Miller, L.K.Spink, AGA-3
  • Tab Plate: In the same material as plate and is welded to orifice plate. Tab plate integral to the
  • Orifice plate (i.e. without welding) can also be offered as a special case.
  • Vent / Drain: Vent or Drain holes are provided as per customer’s requirement. Not drilled for orifice bores smaller than 25.4 mm
  • Flange Union: Weld neck, Slip on, Threaded, Socket welded with RF or RTJ facing Orifice flanges are in accordance with ANSI B16.36 with minimum flange rating of 300# for sizes up to 8" or male - female flanges in accordance with ANSI B16.5.
  • Pressure Tappings: Corner tappings are recommended for sizes up to 1 ½"; Flange taps from 2" to 16"; D – D/2 taps for higher sizes.
  • Gasket: CAF as per IS: 2712 Gr 0/1 , SS spiral wound + CAF , SS spiral wound + Grafoil,
  • SS spiral wound + PTFE are normally supplied as per process requirement. Other materials available on request.
  • For RTJ flanges the plate is fixed on the plate holder. The plate holder is in soft iron material and acts as a gasket.
  • Studs / Nuts: ASTM A193 Gr.B7/A-194 Gr.2H as standard, Other material on request.
  • Jack Screw: Carbon Steel (C1038 heat treated)

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