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Pallet Wrappers | Get Packed

Supplier: Get Packed - Packaging

Get Packed supplies a wide range of Pallet Wrappers as well as an extensive range of packaging machinery, below is a very brief summary on our range of Pallet Wrappers with links to our website where more information on each can be accessed or you can purchase online.


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Pallet Wrappers: Please click on this link to go directly to our website

  • GoodPack R-Wrapper -Mobile Pallet Wrapping Trolley - Australian design and built, uses no power, uses standard pallet wrap which is tensioned by walking forward around the pallet
  • Excell IM310 - Pallet Wrapper  - features 2.2m wrap height, 2000kg capacity, photo electric pallet height sensor, up to 30 loads per hr and selectable wrap cycles. - View Brochure
  • Excell 320 - Pallet Wrapper - features 2.2m wrap height, 2000kg capacity, photo electric pallet height sensor, more selectable wrap cycles, touch panel with screen with quality and value only found in machines at twice the price. - View Brochure
  • PP981 - Semi Auto pallet wrapper with mechanical brake stretch design
  • PP983 - Semi Auto Low Profile pallet wrapper with auto pre-stretch,digital controls and photo eye.
  • Lantech Q300 - Pallet Wrapper ideal for 15-50 pallets per day, features turntable speed of 1-12rpm, variable speed wrapping force and a power roller stretch system at 200 per cent. - View Brochure
  • Lantech Q300XT - Pallet Wrapper ideal for 30-100 pallet loads per day. Features a remote lanyard switch enabling the forklift driver to load the pallet wrapper and commence wrapping without leaving his seat + turntable speedof 1-12rpm, auto stretch film cut and clamp + more. - View Brochure
  • Sfera Robot Pallet Wrapper - uses a rechargable battery and can move in both forward and reverse directions. Wraps pallets by rotating around the pallet with the stretch wrap being dispensed from a hinged arm that can reach up to 2.1m high. Capable of stretching film up to 400 per cent, has customised wrapping programs with slots for forklift for easy moving.
  • Pallet Lift Elevator - Fast and simple operation to remove or insert spings to accomodate your height and load requirements. Provides the lift pallets need to assist with packing and stacking goods on top a pallet as well as the manual application of pallet wrap largely reducing the back strain associated with bending and twisting.
  • Second Hand Pallet Wrappers - Get Packed often has a range of second hand pallet wrappers that have been traded in on new ones. See what we have currently by following this link: Second Hand Machinery

Pallet Protection and Stabilisation Products

Hand Pallet Wrap - Stretch Wrap
Hand rolls are the ideal method to securing your pallet loads without the expense of having to buy expensive machinery to wrap a small number of pallets. Cast and blown film available in various thickness 15um,17um 20um,23um, 25um & 35um. Black wrap is also available for extra security.
Machine Pallet Wrap - Stretch Wrap
Machine rolls to suit all machines, available in cast or blown, clear or black.

Bundle Wrap
Pallet wrap in small rolls to secure and bundle irregular shaped items.

Pallet Bags 
Ideal for securing heavy pallets, which can be shrink wrapped and protected from the elements in a matter of minutes. Pallet bags are available in ready made bags (in a roll form), or continuous tube form as well as a wide range of thicknesses.

Wrap Dispensers 
Dispensers to suit any size pallet wrap. Lets you adjust the tension easily while giving you a better wrap.

Top Sheets 
Keeps the top free of dust and protects against dust and water damage.

Pallet Netting 
Laminated pallet netting, is ideal for those awkward shaped pallets or pallets that need to breath (produce) or require fumigation.
Builders Film 
Centrefold sheeting available in both clear or black, as well as a range of widths and thicknesses. Ideal for the building industry, gardening, as a dust cover or as a temporary glass house.

Edge Protectors
Protective cardboard corners that can be used with strap or pallet wrap to secure and help stabilise a pallet while protecting the corners or edge of the pallet.


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