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Pneumatic Motors ATEX Approved | Deprag Advanced Line

Supplier: Assembly Technologies

Even air operated pneumatic motors can generate enough heat to become ignition sources in certain environments.


It is important to use ATEX approved pneumatic motors in hazardous areas where explosive dust or gas may be present. Even pneumatic motors can generate enough heat to become ignition sources in certain environments. 
The ATEX approval is a European standard for equipment that is used in explosive atmospheres. An approved motor will have a code on it that shows what environment it is suited to (eg mining or industrial), what form of hazardous materials it is safe for (eg gas or dust) as well as the rated surface temperature of the motor. An ATEX approved pneumatic motor has been tested and will be given a temperature class, as well documented maintenance intervals and procedures to ensure that it remains safe in your environment.
Using a non ATEX approved motor should only be done if a satisfactory risk assessment has been done, including long term temperature and bearing testing has been completed. Pneumatic motors are the logical choice for use in hot, dusty, wet or explosive environments, or applications where size and weight are important – especially if high start torque is required.
Deprag's Advanced Line Motors and Basic Line motors are all ATEX approved.
Advanced Line (download catalogue):
  • 120W to 1200W, in numerous gear ratios, up to 600Nm start torque
  • Sealed stainless steel motors
  • ATEX approved to T5 and T6 temperature classifications
  • World's first ATEX approved pneumatic brake motors
Basic Line (download catalogue):
  • 200W to 1200W, in numerous gear ratios, up to 120Nm start torque
  • Robust, low cost motors
  • Change vanes without stripping the motor
  • ATEX approved to T4 (130ºC)
Deprag also manufacture pneumatic motors from 20W to 18kW including brake motors, ATEX approved motors, stainless steel motors, gear motors, vane motors and turbine motors in a multitude of standard speeds and power classes, as well as custom made motors for special purposes.
Assembly Technologies are the Australian importers of the large range of Deprag high quality air motors, screwdriving automation and torque control equipment. Deprag Pneumatic Motors have been manufactured in Germany for over 75 years.  

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