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Power Line & High Voltage warning systems

Supplier: Proxyvolt

Power line and high voltage warning systems are paramount in the future of safety for the mining, government, agricultural, aviation and civil industries.

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Power Line & High Voltage warning systems

Power Line and High Voltage warning systems  are paramount in the future of safety for the mining, government, Agricultural, Aviation and civil industries.

Just a few of the companies that are currently operating with Proxyvolt Power Line and High Voltage Detection systems include Newcrest Mining Ltd, Leighton Contractors, Mako Civil, Smorgan Steel, Xstrata Mount Isa Mines, East Coast Pipelines, Correctline Drainage, McConnell Dowell, Cemex Australia, SRWP Alliance and WA Waterboard.

We are currently in discussions with many major companies regarding improving there site safety with the installation of the Proxyvolt range of products for power line detection.

High Voltage power lines have always been an ongoing problem for companies that have equipment operating in close proximity to them. Excavators, Cranes, Tippers and any other equipment with booms or extensions that have the capability of reaching power lines can be in a high risk category.

 In many applications such as Mining, Government, Aviation and Civil contracting work, power line detection is paramount for the safety of all involved.

Contact with overhead high voltage power lines represents a problem with the safety of personnel and equipment and in some cases causes serious injury or unfortunately fatalities.

Most of these accidents could have been avoided by the proper installation and use of a power line and high voltage warning system like PROXYVOLT.
Proxyvolt is a state of the art electrostatic safety system used for detecting the electrostatic field of any AC high voltage power line no matter what the current is running through them.

It provides both audible and visual warnings to alert the operator when the boom comes within the exclusion zone set by the operator of a high voltage power line.

The PROXYVOLT power line and high voltage detection system also has a relay operated output to allow connection to hydraulics and other external devices for automatic shutdown and warning devices such as sirens, warning lights etc.

Power lines are not easily observed by the equipment operator and supporting work crews because attention is directed or diverted to the other activities on site. Visual judgment of clearance between raised booms and power lines is subject to error.

Virtually all fatal electrocutions are the result of equipment being unintentionally brought into contact with the power lines. These occurrences can be reduced dramatically by using PROXYVOLT's power line and high voltage detection systems.

A PROXYVOLT warning system is a "Third Eye" that never sleeps or gets distracted.

Why is there a requirement for the ProxyVolt  Power Line detection System?

  •  Contact with overhead power lines can cause serious injuries or fatalities.
  •  Contact can cause severe damage to equipment which can be very expensive to rectify this in turn causes downtime and or loss of production.
  • There were seven work-related deaths involving cranes and contact with live overhead wires in Australia during the four year period from 1989 to 1992.
  • DEUS (Department of Energy, Utilities & Sustainability) has had 47 reported incidents, “contact with overhead power lines” 2005/06 in New South Wales.
  •  ESV (Energy Safe Victoria) has recorded 3 electrocutions in 2006 so far from tipper trucks coming into contact with overhead power wires in rural Victoria alone.
  • WA Department of Mines and Petroleum have recorded 74 power line contacts in the last 10 years. Mines Safety Bulletin No. 85 Date: 4 June 2009
  •  Overhead power lines can be extremely hard to see on various backgrounds be it trees or an overcast day.

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