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Power Supply Filter H 7013

Supplier: Hima

The power supply filter H 7013 dampens wide-banded, low energy switching interferences (Burst) according to IEC EN 61000-4-4 up to 2 kV, and wide-banded, high energy over voltages (Surge) according to IEC EN 61000-4-5 up to 1 kV on a 24 VDC power supply circuit The interferences are discharged to earth.


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Power Supply Filter H 7013

Highest effectiveness can be achieved if the filter is installed directly at the 24 V power supply.

  • Connection : 2.5 square mm directly on the device terminals, combined wires on terminals of min. 10 square mm
  • Height over mounting rail approx. 100 mm
  • Electric strength against earth 250 V
  • Max. permissible operation voltage 30 VAC 142 VOC
  • Power consumption 5.5 mA at 24 VDC
  • Ambient conditions -25.. +70 °C
  • Mounting the H 7013 into Zone 2 (EG guideline 94191EG. ATEX)

The device is suitable for mounting into zone 2.

For this mounting the following mentioned special conditions have to be regarded.

Special conditions X for safety-related application

  1. The power supply filter H 7013 must be mounted, for securing the category 3G in an enclosure. which fulfils the requirements of the EN 60079-15 with the type of protection at least P 54. according to EN 60529.
  2. This enclosure must be labelled with

"Working permitted only in the de-energized state'


   If it is assured that there exists no explosive atmosphere working under voltage is also permitted.

  • The used enclosure must be able to dissipate safely the generated heat. The power dissipation of the power supply filter H 7013 is 250 mW max.
  • The following items of the standards
    • VDE 0170/0171 part 16, DIN EN 60079-15: 2004-5
    • VDE 0165 part 1, DIN EN 60079-14: 1998-08
  • must be regarded:
    • DIN EN 60079-15:
    • Chapter 5 Design
    • Chapter 6 Terminals and cabling
    • Chapter 7 Air and creeping distances
    • Chapter 14 Connectors
    • DIN EN 60079-14:
    • Chapter 5.2.3 Equipment for use in zone 2
    • Chapter 9.3 Cabling for zones 1 and 2
    • Chapter 12.2 Equipment for zones 1 and 2


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