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Schur Star 2040 / 3020 Bagging System

Supplier: The Le Mac Australia Group

Over 400 machine installations in Europe

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Machines are supplied with premade pouches in a continuous daisy-chain. (fan folded in cartons)

The machine opens pouches for filling, seals & cuts them into individual units.

Main model is Schur Star 2040C with capacity up to 80ppm, depending on pouch size & product.

Pouch feeding can be:

(a)Continuously with a pre-selected feeding speed.
(b)Intermittently with a pre-selected number of bags per cycle.
(c)Automatically with a variable stopping time per cycle for manual or automatic filling.

Machine presents pouches to operators fully opened in a rectangle and keeps them open for ease of filling.

Machine facilitates the incorporation of multiple manual and/or automatic filling stations on the same machine.

Machine allows the use of different size pouches without the need for change parts.

Toolless quick change over between different pouch styles & sizes takes max. 5 minutes eg: zipper to non-zipper style takes 3 minutes.

Machines are simple in operation & maintenance.

All pouch sizes have the same top construction so that the star chain which carries & opens the pouches is common.

A wide range of pouches/bags are available for use on the machine:

  • stand-up style
  • recloseable zipper pouches
  • pouches incorporating carry handles
  • piping style pouches for baking goods & sauces
  • header bags with Euro-slot
  • Multipacks
  • Cornet bags
  • Bags with compartments
  • Peelable bags
  • resealable label bags
  • Schur will develop new innovations where necessary

A wide range of pouch materials are available for specialised applications eg: PE, CPP, coextruded films and laminates.

Thermal printer can be fitted to overprint variable data or contents at time of filling.

Ideal production environment:

  • slow to medium speed
  • where there are large volumes for manual packing
  • multiple bag sizes with frequent change overs
  • products not easily packed on other systems (eg herbs, fruits which bruise easily, 3M face masks, toilet systems pipes)
  • very broad customer base in foods & non foods


Fresh Food

  • Herbs
  • Salads
  • Easily bruised fruit (use special ramp to load product)
  • Tomatoes

Frozen Food

  • Fish
  • Meat
  • Vegetables


  • Using high barrier films and gas flushing.
  • Excellent product presentation compared to conventional casings


  • Eg: 10 cups of preprepared coffee in a reclosable bag


  • Reclosable up market packs

Pet foods and products including multipacks

Garden products

  • Reclosable and with carry handles


  • Packs and multipacks which can be done on same line

Dried foods

  • Nuts, flour, rice, cereals, dried fruit

Hardware products

  • Sanding discs, grinding wheels, screws, DIY multipacks


  • Pipettes, syringes, medical kits, operation kits, wipe


  • Toilet system parts, electrical packs

Baking products and sauces

  • Can make piping bags from which product is dispensed once opened

Schur is ideally suited to the ANZ market which is characterised by short runs and numerous size changes.