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Trailer Suspension | Air Suspensions | SAF Intradisc plus Integral

Supplier: SAF Holland Australia P/L

Trailer Suspension systems with a leading-edge technology that greatly enhance product value and service life to the end-user.

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Trailer Suspension | Air Suspensions | SAF Intradisc plus Integral

SAF-Holland trailer suspension systems are rolling in all corners of the world.Backed with exemplary global service support, you can depend on SAF-Holland to keep you on the road.

Air Suspensions | SAF Intradisc plus Integral

SAF Intradisc plus Integral air suspension systems with INTEGRAL TECHNOLOGY is a proven, trend-setting innovation. Our customers have come to appreciate the many advantages of this system and the extended reliability of the disc brakes.

Features and Benefits

Patented Integral-disc

The core of this new technology is the patented Integral-disc. Compared to the conventional brake discs that are cast as one piece, the INTEGRAL is a compound casting of two materials into one unit. Therefore, it can expand radially under the effect of heat during braking, and then radially retract again when cooling after operation.

Specifically that means: the Integral does not distort into the umbrella shape under the effect of heat, thus eliminating the dreaded hot spots that result in stress cracking and eventual failure found in conventional brake discs. Since the brake surfaces also remain absolutely flat in all operating states, the service life of the disc itself as well as the pads is also significantly prolonged.

Integral Advantages

  • Clearly reduced heat transfer due to small contact surfaces of the Integral-disc and wheel flange.
  • Conical ventilation channels in the brake disc provide for optimum internal ventilation. Additionally: 10 ventilation channels under the brake disc and 10 additional ventilation channels under the adapter ring.
  • The Integral exhibits 100% more heat dissipating surface compared to a conventional design with one-piece brake disc and closed wheel flange.
  • With 15 large radiator-type ventilation slots in the wheel flange we achieve at least 60 % more ventilation cross sections than in a design with closed wheel flange – depending on the size of the openings in the mounted wheels.

Maintenance-free Wheel Bearing Technology

A reliable product that has been proven more than 100,000 over: The hub-unit is a compact assembly of hub and bearing. It is adjusted at the factory and then encapsulated. The hub-unit is maintenance-free.

Positioned for Protection

The specially coordinated shock absorber with specific characteristics is positioned in the centre of the hanger bracket and with-in the functional suspension arm, thus protecting it from stone chipping and other road debris.

Driving Stability and Safety

Our specially designed 3D bushing element is integrated into the functional suspension arm and provides an optimum of ride performance.

Maintenance Free for Life

Our design incorporates the functional suspension arms and axle beam into one unitized and maintenance free component. This indestructible design provides additional benefits such as: no extra mounting parts, such as axle seats and U-bolts, no re-torquing of screws and nuts.


The very narrow hanger bracket is symmetrically designed. This saves weight and allows easy installation.


The patented Safe-Guard-Design of the functional suspension arm reliably protects the brake chambers from damage.


Exciter ring and sensor holder are premounted at the factory.

Excellent Corrosion Protection

We use great care in long-term corrosion protection on particularly exposed parts, such as hubs, hub caps or screw connections as well as wheel bolts and nuts.

Optimized with Factory Standards

Standard features include: uniform bearings, ABV-preparation, integrated rim system, specific weight reduction, cathodic dip coating process of axle and wheel hub.