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Vertical and Horizontal Safety System | Securerail

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Securerail is the latest in Vertical and Horizontal safety systems for roofs, ladder systems and overhead abseiling projects

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The Roofsafe Securerail system is designed to be permanently installed on a roof, ladder and any other horizontal or vertical or inclined structure such as pylons, buildings, shafts or sewers where workers are exposed to a risk of falling when performing their work.

The Roofsafe Securerail system is designed to protect 1 to 7 workers attached simultaneously on the rail, with a maximum of 2 persons on the same span. Each worker needs to be fitted with a full body harness; the workers connect themselves onto the rail via a trolley which is free to move along the line.

The Roofsafe Securerail system has been designed and tested in accordance with Australian Standard AS/NZS 1891.

Roofsafe SecureRail can be used in a range of applications, each with its own specific characteristics. To meet the requirements of these various applications, Roofsafe has developed a range of accessories. Examples of applications are listed below.

The Securerail can be adapted to all types of configurations (vertical, angled and horizontal). This meets all normal requirements for height safety systems used by staff responsible for maintaining the facades of complex buildings. 

A ladder incorporating a Securerail system has been developed specifically for telecommunications companies. This light and general-purpose ladder can be fixed on antennas and other similar structures. An additional advantage is that the levels are bolted onto the safety rails, so that the distance between the different levels can be adapted to take into account possible obstacles, as well as ensuring adequate space for the users.

It is possible to equip existing ladders with Securerail. The use of accessories makes this process very simple and flexible.  An "Entry / Exit" rail section makes it possible for the operator to release or to engage the glider to give access to one or more rail sections located at different levels. Curved section allows operators to pass from one ladder to another, with both horizontal and vertical displacements. 

The Securerail can be easily fixed to the steel structure of an electric pylon.  This system ensures the safety of operation during ascending the pylon, while also providing safe accesses to the pylon’s horizontal arms.