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Acoustic Panels | AP Topakustik

Supplier: Elton Group

Acoustic Panels AP Topakustik is a patented sound absorbing system for ceilings and walls.

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Acoustic Panels | AP Topakustik

AP Topakustik is a patented sound absorbing system for ceilings and walls.

Designed to achieve the highest aesthetic and sound quality levels, AP Topakustik combines quality materials and superior acoustic capabilities with extremely simple installation.


High acoustic performance combined with a seamless linear aesthetic, AP Topakustik is a revolutionary system of modular, slotted, sound absorbent strips that fits together with no screws or nails, making it fully demountable and re-usable.

Add to that the fact that AP Topakustik is made from 100% recycled board with FSC certification and you have a really sustainable surface solution.

How does it work?

Topakustik can be considered as a number of resonance chambers assembled together, into which sound waves enter, mixed with air, through holes in the external surface. Once the sound waves are inside the chambers, they are dissipated by the friction experienced in the tunnels of air.

Even if there is no free space or rockwool insulation behind the panels, the mechanism remains efficient in the absorption of medium sound waves, such as those of the spoken word.


AP Topakustik strips can be suspended from the ceiling or fixed to the wall.

AP Topakustik’s seamless linear aesthetic and durable surface finish make it the ideal solution for reducing background noise in the work place, public spaces, sports facilities, restaurants, residential buildings, auditoriums, cinemas, etc. in fact, anywhere acoustic comfort is desired.

Module (strip) dimensions

  • Length: Aluminium 4061mm
  • All others 4086mm
  • Width: 128mm
  • Thickness: 16mm


  • Support
  • MDF 16mm E1
  • Absolute density
  • 760kg/m3
  • or
  • MDF 16mm FR
  • (Class 1 flame retardant)


  • Melamine facing

Backing material

  • Black non-woven acoustic
  • fabric, bonded.
  • Thickness: 0.25mm
  • Weight: 65g/m2


Available in four drilling and milling types to obtain the best sound absorption results in various wavebands.

  • 9 / 2 6% perforation
  • 13 / 3 12% perforation
  • 14 / 2 7% perforation
  • 28 / 4 7.5% perforation


We keep 5 standard colours in stock in our Melbourne warehouse:

  • White 0018
  • Graphite 0338
  • Aluminium 6265
  • Wenge
  • Oak 6420

A wide range of colours is also available on request with an 8 week lead time.

The surface is resistant to scratching, abrasion, cleaning products and sunlight, in accordance with UNI standards.