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Armaflex Pipe Insulation | Cryogenic Systems

Supplier: Armacell Australia

Armaflex Pipe Insulation, Cryogenic Systems provides dedicated systems to maximize mechanical properties and overcome thermal stress.

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Armaflex Pipe Insulation | Cryogenic Systems

  • Armaflex Cryogenic Systems (Patent pending) Armaflex Cryogenic Systems are multi-layered composites that combine the most cost-effective solution with low-temperature reliability.
  • Armaflex Cryogenic Systems are suitable for temperatures to -196 °C.
  • Inner layers of Armaflex LTD provide optimum mechanical properties at cryogenic temperatures, whilst outer layers of Armaflex LTN provide excellent thermal efficiency at the least cost.
  • Armaflex LTD is a purpose-built low-temperature Diene Terpolymer, providing low-temperature flexibility to minimise thermal stress.
  • The distinctive colour of Armaflex LTD facilitates installation and inspection.
  • The Armaflex System is fitted without vapour barriers over the insulation material. The high water-vapour resistance of Armaflex fulfils this function.
  • Armaflex Cryogenic Systems do not need traditional open-cell, fibrous in-fill pieces for contraction and expansion joints. The material itself can be fitted under compression to fulfil this function.

Armaflex LTD is suitable for applications to -110 °C in its standard form. For some applications below -110 °C the system is installed with an anti-abrasive foil bonded to the inner surface layer. Armaflex LTD anti-abrasive foil imparts superior surface strength to ensure long-term performance on pipe work subject to vibration and regular movement.

For operating temperatures below -180 °C, Armaflex LTD is installed with an additional gas-tight barrier to prevent liquefaction of oxygen.