Protecting your electronics product

Technomelt is a versatile material designed to protect electronics from environmental factors such as moisture, dust and vibration. It replaces conventional potting with a quick and one-step process.

Macromelt low pressure moulding is a one step process that sits between conventional injection moulding and potting processes, utilising simple aluminium tools made for each application.

Typically, cycle times are short (30-90 secs) unlike long curing times associated with epoxy, urethane potting, conformal coatings etc. With aluminium tooling, high quality is achieved be it for prototypes, low or high volume production. Oftentimes external cases can be dispensed with providing additional savings.

The process finds many applications in protecting sensitive electronics from moisture, dust, vibration; and in the cable and wire harness industry plug over moulding, cable grommets and joint over moulding are some of the typical applications.

The Macromelt range of materials has superior material properties. Offering water-tight encapsulation with adhesion means excellent electric insulation and water resistance.

Macromelt's resistance to chemicals include but are not limited to gasoline, oils, alcohols, acids and alkalis.

Macromelt low pressure moulding has excellent thermal durability characteristics with thermal cycle resistance from -40-150°C.

Macromelt materials are based on non-toxic and renewable raw materials.

Tarapath supply all the requirements for successful implementation of the low pressure moulding process including machinery, raw materials, design and engineering, as well as contract moulding services.

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